The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Tangible Affection Proof” – Romance Ninjas!

Valentine’s Day struck in “The Tangible Affection Proof,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, and surprisingly every one came out a winner in love…even Raj!! It didn’t look so good for Howard and Bernadette for a little while, but they’re solid. Not even Howard’s incessant video gaming can break them apart. And now she needs to find a new place to hide his X-box; the washing machine is tapped out.

So, Leonard, the self-proclaimed ninja of romance, took Penny out to a really nice dinner where they ended up seeing her ex and her ex-best friend who not only betrayed her, but decided to choose right then to get engaged. Needless to say, Penny was not happy, and she took it out on Leonard who, for once, stood up for himself and called her out on it.

In the end they agreed that the next proposal of marriage has to come from Penny herself. She’s not quite there yet, but did ask Leonard to be her valentine, definitely a step in the right direction.

Sheldon, who I thought had come so far, regressed a little bit this week when it came time to get a V-day gift for Amy. Rather than try to choose something himself, he sent out his research assistant who did an amazing job finding three incredible presents, but being Sheldon, he missed the beauty of the first two and decided to keep the third for himself. Just when it seemed like all hope was gone, he bounced back and for Valentine’s Day, to show her how much she means to him, Sheldon made Amy his emergency contact at work.

Unfortunately, that’s a gift that never stops giving, and Amy ended the episode being called to the university, this time for a possible rare spider bite. That girl really is in love; anyone else would have thrown in the towel right there.

Meanwhile, Raj talked Stuart into having a party for all the single people at the comic book store after hours. It worked out great for him as he met a girl!! Yes, Raj left with a cute chick, who I’m pretty sure we’re going to see again (spoiler alert!) Raj with a girlfriend…better late than never!

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  • Joseph Aniwaya

    I am a big fan of Penny: I find her absolutely fascinating. I am very unhappy, though, that the writers chose to make her character such a petulant child in this episode. I have been a fan of Kaley Cuoco since she appeared on Northern Exposure when she was 8. I just happened to read a bio on her at the time and learned that she is exactly 7 days younger than my son: He and she could be brother and sister, with the same hair, eye, and skin color. I have a rather fatherly pride in her maturing as an actress now across four TV series. I have been so impressed with Penny ever since I saw the second pilot. (To my knowledge, the network has never aired the first pilot with a different Penny.) I am getting more than a little weary of the Ross-and-Rachel angst. I know that the show runs the risk of jumping the shark once Leonard and Penny get together, but I think it’s time to let them have some happiness. If they work at it, I hope they could keep the show fresh and funny even if they become engaged and marry. This constant back-and-forth, compounded by Penny’s spoiled brat routine this past Thursday, is so grating on the nerves. I have fantasized about their daughter, a beautiful blonde child who looks just like Penny (my wife says she needs to be a redhead), who is absolutely brilliant and whom Leonard and Penny secretly pay to babysit Sheldon (who thinks he is keeping her). You don’t have to kill the show because the two main characters find some happiness.