Beauty and the Beast Spoilers About Romance and Death from EP Brian Peterson

Beauty and the Beast - Trust No One

Beauty and the Beast continues on Thursday, February 14 with a special Valentine’s Day themed episode called “Trust No One.” TV Equals was there for a special screening of the episode, plus the chance to chat with executive producer Brian Peterson about what’s coming up for the series.

In the episode, Vincent tries his hand at romance to try and convince Cat that all of his feelings about Alex are gone. That produces a few cute moments, but all of Vincent’s efforts may end up going to waste when he finds himself back at Alex’s home again. I can’t tell you exactly what brings Vincent to Alex’s door again, but I can say that it involves the secrets that Claire has been keeping from Evan. Meanwhile, a new couple’s relationship starts up and then immediately hits a rocky point. While Heather, on the other hand has more luck finding romance.

Here are a few more things we learned from chatting with Brian Peterson.

Alex is not quite as psych-crazy as she might seem in episode 13. Asked to talk about Alex’s long-term obsession with Vincent, Peterson said, “We’ve had so many conversations about epic love and every single person has their own opinion. I tend to be someone who doesn’t get over somebody very easily. Had they actually broken up, it would be a little psycho-crazy. But I think for her he’s a fallen her that she was going to marry and he was still an important part of her life. It’s not something that you just wipe under the rug.” But will she be back? Peterson said maybe. “We’ll see. There are a couple things we have in mind that we would like to do. There is a chance that she might show up again.”

Peterson wasn’t surprised by the Alex-haters. In fact, he kind of liked them. When asked if he was surprised at the amount of hatred fans showed for Alex, Peterson said, “No honestly, for me that meant that they were really invested in Kat and Vincent and they were really rooting for them, which is what I want. So the fact that [the fans] would hate somebody stepping in and moving in on Cat’s territory, for me means that everything is working just right and people are investing the way we want them to in our two leads, because that’s the most important part of our show; our two leads.”

The romantic future of Cat and Vincent is going to be a rough one, at least for now. Asked to talk about Cat and Vincent’s romantic future, Peterson said, “They have a lot of issues now. If he just ran back to somebody that quickly, Cat is going to be a little reticent to let him just run right back to her, which you’ll see especially in [episode 14]. In the next four or five episodes, every other part of the show starts to implode on them in the external world, as far as the other people in their lives at the precinct and Meerfield. It all comes back in on them right when trying to figure their own relationship out.” And what about a kiss? “That will happen very, very soon.” Peterson revealed.

Tess has a really interesting journey coming up. Speaking about Tess, Peterson said, “Tess is kind of our window in what a normal person – who doesn’t just immediately meet a beast and fall in love – would think about all this. So she’s going to have a really interesting journey in these next few episodes; in her relationship with Cat, in her relationship with Joe and in her relationship with the vigilante.”

Evan and J.T will have a “situation” coming up. When asked about Evan, Peterson said, “Evan and J.T. are going to have a growing ‘situation.’ Evan will have a big story, too. His whole goal is to protect Cat. It’s kind of a situation of, ‘why is this person I care about doing all of these dumb things?’He is in a position of ‘I need to protect her from herself.’ So he’s going to kind of continue to protect and get more and more involved in things that he should never be getting involved in.”

Sendhil Ramamurthy is going to be a very big part of the show starting with episode 14. Asked to talk about the appearance of Ramamurthy, Peterson said, “He’s going to be a very big part of the show all the way up to the season finale at least. He’s come in with his own agenda and we’re quickly going to see how that’s different than anybody else on the show; in his need to catch the beast and working with the task force and creating the task force to find the beast for him. I think he has a really fun introduction with Catherine and pretty quickly develops a certain kind of bond with her in the show.”

Episode 14 is going to be the most pivotal episode of the season so far. Asked about the importance of next week’s episode, Robertson said. Episode 14 is probably the most pivotal episode of the series thus far. The tragedy of Vincent’s nature and his instinct to protect switches everything up.” But what about those rumors that Vincent is going to kill someone? “I’m guessing you’ll know in a week. I think I can say what happens after Vincent has killed somebody is: it will galvanize a certain group of people on the show against the vigilante and motivate their need to destroy him.” But wait, wouldn’t Vincent have a problem with Vincent killing someone? “She would were it not for the person that Vincent is protecting when he does kill.”

Sounds like the next few episodes of Beauty and the Beast are going to be really exciting. What do you think now that you’ve seen what Robertson had to say about what’s coming up? Got any theories as to who might be killed?

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