Suburgatory Season 2 Review “Blowtox & Burlap”

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 12 Blowtox and Burlap (6)

Valentine’s Day episodes can be difficult ventures for some television shows. For starters, the very nature of a Valentine’s show requires a greater emphasis to be placed on the couples. If your show’s most compelling characters are in relationships, that’s super. If not, you run the risk of pushing some of the more enjoyable characters into the background for the sake of showing television viewers that you care about a completely phony holiday (that’s right, I said it). To get out ahead of this potential issue, Suburgatory paired up nearly their entire main cast. With the exception of poor Dalia (who still got in one of her patented monologues), all of our particulars in East Chatswin have stars in their eyes for someone else. It wasn’t an episode that was going to build on the momentum of the fantastic last few weeks, but the Valentine’s Day episode is an unfortunate necessity of network television.

While the episode was mostly something to persevere more than enjoy, the Ryan Shay tour de force did continue. In many ways, Ryan Shay has become the most sincere man on television. I imagine many women would love for their men to sincerely ask them to be their Valentines and watch them respond with sincere enthusiasm when they say yes. The art house movie bit didn’t really work for me. I understand the idea in a vacuum, but I didn’t think it computed with what we know of Ryan Shay. Not even a rager at Cody’s mom’s house could save that one. Still, the Shay household was responsible for the most amusing moments of tonight’s episode. Secret meetings featuring homemade chicken salad, Malik’s last name (LaFreak! (sp?)), or Chris Parnell wearing a ridiculous mustache all get the thumbs up from me.

I was far more disappointed with George and Dallas’s Valentine’s Day. At a certain point, you start to wonder why these two people are together. They are so far apart on the spectrum, it’s possible to assume that their relationship is merely a product of proximity. I know that Paula Abdul taught us that opposites attract, but Dallas’s absurdity isn’t always endearing. Occasionally, it’s just exhausting. The one positive to come from it is that Dallas isn’t changing who she is because she’s with George. She’s the same person we met early last season. This show’s second season has seen a lot of improvements, but I’m not sure this relationship is one of them.

May you and your sweetheart (or just you!) have a happy Valentine’s Day.