Supernatural Chat: Season 9 and Beyond – Where Do We Go From Here?

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10 Torn and Frayed

Hey there, Supernatural fans! It seems only fitting that just two weeks after introducing what I personally think is one of the best story arcs in the show’s history, Supernatural gets its earliest renewal ever. That’s right, folks, for those who haven’t seen the good news yet (how’s the weather under that rock, by the way?) Supernatural season 9 is a go.

Supernatural season 9 is on, bitches!

With season 9 on, I’m starting to feel very confident that we’ll also get a season 10. This is just my own personal opinion, based on the fact that the show would have to completely take a dump in ratings next season for this not to happen, or for Jared and Jensen to decide that they were no longer in, etc. Now I’m not saying that those things aren’t possible, I just feel like it’s less likely. But like I said this is my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Besides, Supernatural season 10 just has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

After that, all bets are off and I would be ecstatic if we got anything beyond that, but I digress. Let’s get back to this week’s wonderful news, shall we?

Now that we know a ninth season is on the way, we have to wonder what it will have in store for us. This might be incredibly premature, but my mind is already racing with possibilities of what this could mean for next season.

Men of Letters

That the Men of Letters storyline will play into next season I think is pretty much a given. But the question now is: how exactly will it be explored? We’ve seen that Sam had embraced the knowledge in the bunker as much as we would have expected him to, but Dean (also as expected) isn’t as much into it. Personally I think that we might see them become the legacy that they were meant to be, just not in the way that maybe the angels first intended. The bloodlines of the Campbells and the Winchesters were supposed to merge so that their children would end up embodying the best of both. Instead Sam and Dean grew up as hunters.

Now Sam has the chance to get the knowledge they were meant to have, while Dean is content to stay as he is. So the merging will happen, but with each brother having one half of the legacy, rather than it being embodied in both. And yes, I do know that Sam is a hunter, too, but we know his heart was never as in it as much as Dean’s was and we’ve already seen that his thirst for knowledge goes beyond the fighting and hacking and killing. Whereas Dean relishes the fighting, the hacking and the killing – at least while there are beasties out there to be fought, hacked and killed.

Return of Bobby?

I know, I know, Bobby is dead and gone and I should just get over it, right? But is it wrong that I’d still love to see him back someday? Should I just be content that we got Cas back and that we’ve had a lot of fun characters introduced in the wake of Bobby’s demise, like Benny, Charlie and of course Garth?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love all those characters but since this is my (very premature) wish list, then I’m going to add Bobby to it. Feel free to flame all you want.

More tablets?

Robert Singer said in an interview recently that they had already introduced all the Tablets they could handle this season, but what about next season? Could there be a Human Tablet out there or maybe even Tablets on creatures that the boys haven’t seen yet? That could be interesting in my opinion. The boys go through all the trouble to get rid of the Leviathans, then close the Gates of Hell and heck, maybe even get a handle on the angels and whatever nastiness they are doing to Cas, and poof!, another Tablet shows up to bite them on the ass.

Benny and Cas storylines?

I’ve made it pretty plain that I love both Benny and Cas so with the news of season 9, I can’t help but to wonder what part they could play next season. I know Benny wants to just get through his bloodlust and go back to living a somewhat normal life, but I mean, c’mon, we all know that’s not really possible when you’re a supernatural being who has also been to Purgatory and back. So I think it might be interesting if maybe Benny decided to join whatever fight Sam and Dean have going next year. And before y’all start jumping down my throat about how the show is about the boys – no, I don’t mean have him around for every episode, but just pop up here and there to help out.

As for Cas, I pretty much wish for the same thing, except I kind of hope that he takes down Naomi and her cronies and puts order back in Heaven. Yeah sure, the last time he tried to take over it all went to (pardon the pun) Hell and a handbasket, but I really think Cas has learned his lesson. Plus, how cool would it be to have Benny and Cas helping out the guys alternately next season? That way they’d have assistance from both the good and bad sides of the supernatural world.

Okay I could probably do this all day, but I’ll stop now and give you guys a chance to chime in with your suggestions. Now that Supernatural season 9 is a go, what do YOU want to see next season? Sound off in the comments below and please remember to play nice, kiddies. These are just opinions and we’re all allowed to have them.

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  • ptjackson

    Woo hoo!! I had heard this, but you cannot read this headline enough. 😎

  • I too want Bobby back! love the article and so happy that Supernatural will be back for Season 9! Means more of the boys and probably another hug or two lol

  • I want Castiel to be a regular character next season and Dean n Cas’s relationship to be finally resolved romantically. IMO, Its currently the best and deepest love story on tv .

    • Sarah Sanzo

      Yeah I agree 110%!! I think they are definitely heading in that direction and I am anxiously waiting for it to finally happen.

      • Where do you see this? In your imagination people. It’s not heading in that direction at all. I’ve only ever seen Dean attracted to women.

        • And no I’m not homophobic, it’s just that Dean has, from day one, been shown to be straight. Enjoy your fanfic, but what you want is NOT on the show.

        • Suicidal Teddy Bear

          I agree with you Wendy and see it the same way you. I’ve also been accused of being uptight because I don’t like Wincest.

        • I agree. Yes I think the writers are playing up on the whole idea, but NO I don’t think Dean and Cas actually have a thing. Also Wincest seriously grosses me out

    • jedaqia

      Uh what?

    • Please Dear God, Dean and Cas are NOT a romantic relationship! Just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s so. There are good friends, that’s IT.

  • Nycco

    always wanting to see Bobby again – BTW, Jared and Jensen have both already committed to doing through season 10, that was announced last year – wasn’t sure if you knew.

    • Mokibobolink

      No, I didn’t realize that. Of it I did, I forgot. LOL. Thanks for that info!

  • Sarah Sanzo

    Dean and Cas to become romantically canon is something I hope happens by season 10 and but imho I think it may even become canon by this season,,, at least if it keeps heading in the direction and this rate

  • cassie

    a dean story arc? & cas around? no god forbiden

  • I hope we’ll see Misha Collins as a regular again, and more characters like Charlie, Benny, Kevin, etc coming back.

    I want to see Sam happier, with a purpose in his life and more friends and I really want to see Dean getting to know and accept himself, and Supernatural to continue exploring his sexuality.

    • What, the fact that he’s straight? Because that’s the only think they’ve ever shown regarding his sexuality.
      And as for your cookie remark, very mature.

  • Walter Mitty

    Good article, I agree with everything you said. And I’d like to add I want to see more hunters as occassional reaccuring guest stars. There were some mentioned in season 6 but never seen. Christin’s widow Arlene Campbell could be introduced and she and Tamara could team up for an episode. Arlene should have a good hate on for Crowely since he is responsible for her husband’s death when Dean was forced to stab him. Roy & Walt could pick up their teeth with broken fingers after Sam & Dean give ’em proper beat down. Down the line I hope to see Sam & Dean organize the hunters using the Men of Letters hub. And please, please,please no more stupid romance. Let the Winchesters have a friends with benifits relationship with female hunters. Adult women who know the score and don’t want this stupid Life Time movie channel doody. It’s more realistic going forward that hunters steer clear of civilians. Pamela, Jo, Ellen Rest in Peace my lovelies. Come on writers, even Olivia Lowery, Deanna Campbell, Annie although only in one episode each I loved them and still remember them. Those are the kind of women I want to see occassionally on Supernatural.

    • I just hope Dean gets to do the trails. I love Sam but he’s already had a major front and center story this season, albeit a crappy one. And he’s clearly the one who more involved in the MOLs arc. Dean’ sPurgatory story wasn’t even about him, and then was quickly dropped, so I think he deserves to have this arc.

  • I think they could explore a bit more of the characters of the past as the former girlfriend of Dean’s episodia Route 666 in season 1 between other characters think the current story incredibly more agree with you the return of Bobby would be cool, or maybe a discovery of a child’s bobby appear, would be pretty cool in my opinion clear what you guys think?

  • Wow, a blogger/reviewer/critic I agree with!! How refreshing.
    I too love/miss/want back Bobby.
    I too love Benny, and want him to be and remain a good guy character popping up once in a blue moon to lend a hand on a hunt.
    (Like Rufus. Rufus and Bobby, grumply old men!.
    I too love Castiel and want him back.
    I want to see more action and fights and chases and assaults and less moping and hand-wringing.
    Bring it on!!

  • manz666

    There is no love story between Cas and Dean or Dean and Sam. Get over it shippers. You are imagining something is not there. I love where the storyline is going, with Sam being the Man of Letters, while Dean is the Hunter. With a mixture of both in both guys. The writers are under using Misha Collins shamefully. He should have more of a storyline, he deserves better than what he is getting now 🙁

  • SPNGirl

    Castiel as a regular character in Season 9 (and Season 10, if that does happen) would be one of the best things ever. As long as we get lots of Cas with Dean and Sam, I’ll be happy as can be. However, if they found someway to bring Bobby or Gabriel back, that’d be awesome. And more Charlie is never a bad thing in my eyes.

  • Amal Al-Saffar

    I hope the tablets storyline ends this season and the focus next season would be on the MOL arc, which is a lot more interesting. I also wouldn’t like Dean to just be labeled as the “brawn” and that’s it. So far, outside of purgatory, his badass meter has been on the low, All he does is act silly for comedy sake that is not comedic anymore coz it’s been overutilized, so enough of that. Show some acknowledgement for his intelligence & great instincts as well as rid him of the self-blame & guilt over every damn thing already! that’s character growth for him.
    As for Sam, I’d want to see him pursue that knowledge coz it fits with his character, just without making him act like he’s the only one with a brain and the rest don’t own half a brain compared to him. Much like this season.
    I’d like Cas to take care of Naomi & her posse and stay in heaven. Time for his character to depart. In case he HAD TO stay, enough with the ridiculousness. at this point he should put himself together and act like the angel he should be. like when he first appeared, just fighting on the right team.
    Benny, SURE! i’d like to see more of him fighting along side Dean just like in purgatory, esp that scene with the whistling, LOVED IT!

  • I think both Winchesters will embrace their heritage. It is true that Dean leans more toward the Hunter side while Sam leans toward the Men of Letters, but what we truly have in both characters is brawn (and what lovely brawn it is) and brains. Dean may never dive into the books, but he’ll always accept any knowledge that will help him fight and kill the evils in the world.

    I don’t know what I want from Cas until I find out what Naomi is really up to. Right now she’s coming off as evil, but we don’t have the whole story so I’m not going to make up my mind until we learn more.

    My two big wishes for future seasons are 1. the returns of Chuck and this past weeks awesome duo Aaron and the Golem; 2. more about the knights of hell, they sound badass and I think they could formidable opponents to the boys (I’d be cool with them showing up this season before the Gates of Hell are closed).

  • Raven

    I would also love to see Bobby come back somehow – the show just isn’t the same without him, though I will love Supernatural through thick and thin…also, time travel episodes are always welcome, as are the occasional goofy ones, since there is so much comedic talent…

  • mileidy

    I want that Castiel is a fixed character in the series, not only helping and disappearing, I want to have more horror stories like these was in the first season, I want more surprises, new things and most importantly the return of bobby, I know he died more nothing is impossible in Supernatural. I think it’s Jo, appeared in an episode with the hellen bobby, why not do the same to her? I hope this new season stuff, these characters who love haters, it costs so much to bring them back? well this was my opnion! kisses

  • Stephen Parker

    Of course Bobby can “come back”…as Castiel, an angel, knows “With God all things are possible.” What I truly appreciate about ALL the story arcs in this series is that the lead characters continuously EVOLVE. They go through cycles of experience and become clearer, stronger, each time. As they grow in awareness the mysteries of the infinite become more intricate, fascinating and challenging with each encounter. The possibilities and permutations are literally endless….like I hope this series will be.

  • I want a return to the weekly monster hunt as well as some love returning between Sam and Dean. There has been too much anger and resentment between them lately. A huge part of my love for the show is the love and devotion they have to each other. I like having overarching story lines, but ever episode can’t be gloom, doom and tension. I miss them going and killing some bad guys!

  • i defidently want to see cas as a normal character and i defidently think they should keep dean and cas as just good friends!

  • Deanie

    They should bring Jo back 🙂