‘Revolution’ Midseason Trailer: Monroe’s Militia Wages War on the Rebels

“Everything will change forever.”

That is the bold promise made in Revolution‘s midseason trailer, and given where the series left off in the fall, it’s a promise it shouldn’t have trouble keeping. Monroe is powered up now, a move that changes the rules of the Revolution universe and raises the stakes for all of the characters. The trailer is heavy on war imagery thanks to Charlie, Miles and the rest of their group trading fire with Monroe’s people on rubble-strewn streets, but the action isn’t half as fascinating as the character moments.

We see Monroe embracing his newfound power, Jason taking a stand against Monroe’s massacre and Rachel seeking atonement by leveling the playing field– all signs that point to Revolution keeping up the momentum it had going before the winter break. If the first half of the season was about the small scale (getting Danny back), then the second half looks to be about embracing the bigger picture as Miles and company engage in an all out war against Monroe. What those promising character moments suggest is that Revolution is wise enough to realize a revolution is only as interesting as the people who spark it.

Check out the trailer below. Are you ready to see the rebels face off with Monroe’s militia?

Revolution resumes its first season Monday, March 25th at 10/9c on NBC.