How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “P.S. I Love You” and “Bad Crazy”

How I Met Your Mother has been busy setting us up for the long awaited introduction of Ted’s future wife by wrapping up his single life with one final, completely crazy girlfriend. As much as Ted wanted us all to believe that she wasn’t a total lunatic “P.S. I Love You” and “Bad Crazy” both rocketed Jeanette to the very top of the list of Ted’s bad decisions in dating.

Initially, Jeanette was practically a female reflection of Ted, but as we gradually learned more about how her character tracked Ted down over the course of the past year, she morphed from her place in a relatively believable “Dobler” zone to toeing the line of the “Dahmer” zone. How I Met Your Mother compared Jeanette’s infatuation with Ted against Lily and Marshall’s college romance, but I think I really would have enjoyed seeing Ted get a little frightened by seeing so much of himself in Jeanette. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been appropriate in “P.S. I Love You” but by the time he was ready to break up with Jeannette in “Bad Crazy” he had completely forgotten how close to crazy he was when he was trying to track her down in the first place.

I’m not sure I understand why Lily thinks that Ted needs to continue to date this psychotic woman until things literally come burning down around him. It seems like terrible advice, even if it will lead to Ted eventually getting serious about settling down. I appreciated that Ted admitted that he had been wasting his time with women he knew wouldn’t be “forever” material because he was having fun dating. For a show about a man meeting the mother of his children, we’ve spent an awful lot of time watching him waste time on women who would not become the mother. Despite Ted being the show’s hopeless romantic, his hidden love of frivolous dating helps to explain why it has taken him so long to get to the real point of the story.

Both episodes were linked by Ted’s relationship with Jeanette, but both episodes also turned a spotlight on to Robin. “P.S. I Love You” brought us a new chapter in the Robin Sparkles phenomenon and knowing Barney’s long-time fascination with Robin’s secret history I was a little surprised that he missed such a huge part of her Canadian career in his search. Putting that tidbit aside, I was thrilled to have this new “Underneath the Tunes” material. Robin Daggers might not have been as lovable as Robin Sparkles, but I laughed my way through all the commentary from notable Canadians about how the Robin Sparkles/Robin Daggers controversy had affected them.

In “Bad Crazy” we discovered that Robin was terrified of holding Marvin and had avoided it since his birth (something I could completely relate to as an almost-31-year-old woman who has a somewhat irrational fear of holding babies.) Robin’s story of her short time alone with Marvin was another one of those HIMYM running gags that totally nailed it. After seventeen years, the reveal that Robin had left Marvin in the hands of Mike Tyson – a man whose personal record might make him one of the last people you’d want to leave your child alone with – was shocking and hysterical. The final punchline became Lily’s excited reaction to discovering that Marvin being soothed by “Senator Tyson.” I’d love to find out what the rest of the political landscape looks like in HIMYM’s version of the future.

The final flags have been set and How I Met Your Mother has made it very clear that Jeanette is the last stumbling block before Ted gets to where we all want him to be. Knowing that Jeanette will be the crazy catalyst for Ted to finally be in a place to meet the mother of his children actually makes me sort of like psycho Jeanette. In a strange way, I’m looking forward to everything coming down in flames for Ted – the sooner the better actually.