Glee Season 4 Review “Diva”

I could sum up my feelings on this week’s Glee, ‘Diva’, with a simple eyeroll but, in search of some clarity, I’ll go into a little more detail. Every part of this episode that featured Tina was horrible, and every moment graced by the presence of Ms. Santana Lopez was glorious as usual. Glee has really shocked me lately with how offensively bad is has become, and ‘Diva’ sadly doesn’t buck the trend.

The plot of the episode involves all of our characters acting like conceited idiots for an hour, with plenty of forgettable songs that were chosen simply because they contained the titular word. No one really gets to play except Tina, though, and, while it’s lovely to see the character get some solos for once, her continuing storyline with Blaine has crossed far too many lines to be allowed. Yet allowed it is, and the writers don’t seem done with it yet.

This episode includes a scene where she straddles him while he’s conked out on cold medication (that she gave him), and then she gets bitchy about his lack of gratitude. It would be OK if I could sit back and hate the girl while cheering for Blaine’s patience, but now we have to deal with him taking her to Will and Emma’s wedding next week. At what point when planning season four did the writers decide on this as a good storyline for Tina?

Over in NYADA, Kurt comes clean about season one’s ‘Defying Gravity’ high-note scandal in an effort to take Rachel down a couple of pegs, but what’s this? NYADA has a very conveniently timed sing-off where the roomies can even the score. Singing ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Miserables, Kurt wins again, and Rachel descends into sad, mopey self-doubt. It’s a little odd that he’s having a problem with his friend when she’s just being herself – only more so. He knows who she is, after all.

And they might be adding a fourth member to their little den of unexpected roommates, as Santana drops by at the end of the episode to demand a bed to sleep in. Watched alone without all of the tedium dancing around it, this storyline was actually pretty well done. We’ve waited a while for Santana to realize she wasn’t happy in Louisville and move to New York, so her decision here was satisfying and exciting. She even turns down a job offer from Sue, proving once again that she’s ten times the man Finn Hudson is.

And speaking of Finn – what’s he doing with Emma? Nobody asked for this storyline to happen, and I guarantee that no one will enjoy it when it kicks off next week, so why it’s happening I have no idea. Will it be a big enough problem to ruin next week’s wedding?

What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.