Face Off Season 4 Review “Two Heads Are Better Than One”

Face Off Season 4 Episode 5 Two Heads Are Better Than One

With the premiere of Jack the Giant Killer right around the corner, Face Off has contestants taking a stab into the over sized world of, you guessed it, giants. The catch is that instead of one head, the creations that the artists produce have to have at least two heads represented. This is a team challenge, and fans of Face Off know that it generally means that things are not going to go smoothly for anyone involved. The “randomly” (although, I will say that this season does seem to be more random than others) selected teams are:

Alam and Eric Z
Kris and Eric F
Meagan and Jenna
Wayne and House
Autumn and Anthony

On a totally random note, does anyone reading this have a slight problem with Autumn? From my perspective, it doesn’t seem like she is willing to take responsibility for any bad decision, and she also has no concept if her sculpt or paint job is on the good or bad side of things. I have an issue with that. While I’m not a visual artist, I know when I am producing sub-par work, and take specific measures to ensure mediocrity doesn’t happen (in the same way) twice.

Autumn seems to fly just below the radar, and I think it’s because she doesn’t really see any issue with playing it safe with her creations. In this particular challenge, she and Anthony work well together, but Autumn has a difficult time attempting to follow direction from Anthony. I think he nailed it on the head when he said that he would need to make changes to their piece in secret to keep Autumn’s ego under wraps.

The choices and Anthony’s paint job allow these two to stay on the Face Off stage for another week. I adored the way their giant had a human like quality to it, and adding an extra head to the back was brilliant.

Alam and Eric Z weren’t quite so lucky. In theory their concept was a pretty great one. I like the idea of a giant that slays other giants and attaches their heads to his feet. As far as punishments go, that one would be horrid. However, the execution of the idea left a lot to be desired. The feet in the sketch were scary and dark. The feet in practice looked like something out of a Disney movie. There was nothing about them that inspired fear, and nothing that would even hint at the concept. This landed Alam and Eric in the bottom looks.

Wayne and House decided to nix one of their three heads when they noticed that everyone was working with three or more skulls. Instead, they focused on creating two amazing faces – and one that was controlled by the model, allowing him to interact with his second head. The tree paint job impressed the judges, as well as the interactive pieces that went along with it. Wayne and House also found themselves in the top looks.

Megan and Jenna landed in the bottom. Their tree giant was a disaster, and as hard as this is for me – Jenna needs to leave the Face Off stage. It just isn’t working out with the limited ability that she has in her hands, and without being able to be a complete half a team, it’s not fair to any person that she works with. Not to mention that it seems to be putting a huge strain on Jenna herself, and I can’t imagine that she feels fantastic about not carrying her weight.

There were a lot of communication issues between Jenna and Meagan, with Meagan becoming more and more frustrated as the challenge wore on. I don’t blame her – Jenna struggled with understanding exactly what Meagan’s vision was for the piece and also made a few mistakes pertaining to molding and sculpting the completed piece. With one shoe missing from their giant, and a horrible critique from the judges, Jenna and Meagan hit the bottom of the looks.

Last, but not least, Kris and Eric F just slayed tonight’s challenge. Their piece was massive, measuring 10 feet tall, with Jack suspended in mid-air clutched in the grasp of two giant beings. It was incredible. Eric’s vision for this piece was an incredibly lofty idea, and took an amazing amount of time to complete. Once that giant hit the stage, I knew that one of the pair was walking away a winner.

I was right – Eric took the title this week for his amazing vision and execution on such a large piece. Eric takes risks, he’s not afraid to go big, and I love seeing what he’s cooking up in his brain!

With the issues that she struggled with this week, Jenna left the Face Off makeup room for the final time. I do think that it’s for the best, and that Jenna will benefit from being sent home in more ways then she even knows.

Until next week, Face Off fans!