Dallas Season 2 Review “False Confessions” – The Ultimate Betrayal

We rang the death bells for Ryland too quickly last week, as we found out in “False Confessions,” this week’s episode of Dallas, that he somehow survived the bullet Anne put into him, probably on the strength of his evilness alone. I have to figure that’s how JR lived through being shot once upon a time. He and Ryland should start a club.

Was anyone surprised when Bobby took responsibility for the shooting? A life-long martyr, that one is. I was a little surprised, though, that Anne let him do it, and I was kind of on Christopher’s side with this one. Yes, revealing that she shot Ryland would alienate Emma forever, but a jury would be far more sympathetic to a grieving mother than her vengeful husband, and Ryland has to know that. Why else would he name Bobby as his shooter?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, is anyone else completely and totally creeped out by Ryland’s mother? I think I might just start calling her Jocasta. Kudos, Judith Light, for giving me the jeepers.

In another criminal investigation, Pamela managed to get away with murder this week (because the bad guys always do), thanks to John Ross, who committed the ultimate Ewing sin when he alerted Cliff Barnes to the fact that his right-hand man had a deal with JR to take Pamela down. After going to all the trouble of digging up Tommy’s body so it would be found and lead straight to Pamela, Frank ended up getting arrested for murder, and then guilted by Cliff into not only taking responsibility for Tommy, but also into confessing to the murder of Tommy’s sister, something we just assumed he did. In the grand tradition of henchmen, he used a secreted cyanide capsule to end his life in the middle of his arraignment.

So, why did John Ross do it? Could he possibly be in love with Pamela? Does he really hate his father enough to conspire with his greatest enemy? Was he just trying to protect Pamela to get her post-divorce shares of Ewing Energy? Or does he have some plan in motion that we don’t even know about yet? His reasons won’t matter a hill of beans if his daddy ever finds out.

On the blue collar side of things, Elena’s brother quickly realized that the drill master, who was charged with getting around a pesky salt dome so Elena could strike oil and pay back Sue Ellen, was seriously messing up, and fired him. Bad news for John Ross, but he quickly moved on and decided to focus on taking down Elena’s brother instead. Anything to keep Elena down.

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  • Joe E Dangerously

    If someone could identify the song playing during the Frank/Pamela arrest montage I’d be very grateful. No luck so far with Googling and blog scouring. I’ve tried Googling the lyrics too and no dice. If someone knows what it is I’ll be happier than JR Ewing making out with Sue Ellen at Cliff Barnes’ funeral! Wait a minute, no… Bad visual! Ewww….