Castle Season 5 Review “Reality Star Struck” – The Opposite of Real

Castle Season 5 Episode 14 Reality Star (5)
Love was in the air in “Reality Star Struck,” this week’s Valentine’s Day episode of Castle, but it wouldn’t be a real holiday if our hero didn’t do something kind of wacky to mess it up. For Castle, this meant accidentally putting Beckett’s diamond and sapphire earrings into her boss’s blazer by mistake. So much for the powers of the ninja.

Fortunately, he didn’t put Beckett’s name on the card inside, so Gates just thought he was making a very inappropriate pass at her, and still has no idea that Castle and Beckett are together. Perhaps if she turned off her TV and paid attention to the reality around her, she might pick up on the extremely obvious.

But she, like too many Americans (and I include myself in this statement), found herself addicted to an inane reality show. My guilty pleasures are Dance Moms and Shahs of Sunset. Gates followed “The Real Wives of Wall Street,” and it so happened that show’s young, beautiful homewrecker was murdered when the cameras were turned off.

Lots of suspects…the wife whose husband left her for the victim, the victim’s overbearing boss, the show’s producer, the son who was about to get a spin-off with his fiancee while sleeping with the victim…but it came down to the fiancee herself. Love makes you do the wacky, Buffy once said, and in this case the wacky meant stabbing someone with a Japanese ginzu knife in order to keep your man and your TV deal.

It was great to see Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion on screen together again. Oh, Firefly…you will never not be in my heart.

Despite the mix-up with the earrings, Beckett and Castle had a great first Valentine’s Day together, as Beckett gave him a drawer at her place, a big deal for her. Esposito went out for French food with Lanie (please let them get back together), and Ryan got to take a break from baby-making sex in order to have romantic sex. Can he give his co-workers a break and not talk about it anymore?

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  • Loved this episode because it had both humor and romance. It is surprising how a little drawer can make Castle fans swoon. More of that please. The next two shows will be super intense. I hope Alexis is ok and that Kate helps to save her.

  • ptjackson

    Ditto for Gina being the guest star – I was doing a dance of joy over that one!!!

    And, loved he ninja thing – LOL… into the wrong jacket. Poor Castle……

    But, wow the next two weeks will be intense!!!! Guess we needed a light hearted episode to lead into two weeks of misery…..