Being Human Season 3 Review “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

Being Human (Syfy)

As if things were exactly sunshine and roses as it was, on this week’s “Being Human,” things got even crazier for Aidan on the amusingly-titled “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth.” (That struck a chord for some reason, so I googled it and saw that it was this cheesy song from the 80’s actually called “Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car,” originally done by Billy Ocean, but which I remembered from the last season of “The Voice,” I believe.) On the episode, Aidan wasn’t feeding right and was starting to get a little loopy, seeing the two girls he killed on a previous episode.

Or was it a dream? It seemed as if the girls were real, especially since they continued to appear to him even after he fed. Could they be ghosts? If so, then why can’t Sally see them? Sally can, however, see another ghost just fine, as can her back-from-the-dead pals. It’s none other than the mother of Max, her employer at Sally’s new job at the Howell & Holt Funeral Home. Seems that mom has been, unbeknownst to Max, been scaring away one girlfriend after another over the years- pretty much everyone that doesn’t meet with her approval, which is to say, everyone, period.

As if this weren’t bad enough, after she impulse-bangs Max at the funeral home in the viewing room, mom flips out completely and does the possession thing, “breaking up” with her son as Sally. He’s crushed, but to be fair, he did reject her once before on their first date and then lay a guilt trip on her after the aforementioned hook-up for it happening where it did, so at the very least, he deserved a little comeuppance. (Although he would have deserved it even more if he hadn’t done it- how cute was Sally in her adorable outfit and blue fingernail polish?) However, it’s safe to say it should have been Sally in charge of said retaliation, not dear old mom. Can you say ghost-blocking?

Meanwhile, on the Liam front, he’s upping the ante on several levels, with his fellow wolf pack on the hunt for any & every vampire they can get their claws into- or stakes, as the case may be. They run afoul of Aidan, who has finally caved and opted to take blood from Kenny, the “bubble boy” introduced on the last episode, lest he be driven crazy by his valley girl victims. Aidan, reenergized by the clean blood, handily takes them down, and Liam follows him back home to see where he lives. Imagine his surprise when it turns out to be Josh & Nora’s place.

Liam confronts the two, but Josh vouches for Aidan. Liam isn’t taking no for an answer, telling them either they kill Aidan or he’ll kill them. Nora is actually considering it, especially after Aidan confesses to taking blood from Kenny, but Josh isn’t having it. He loads up the gun, storms over to Liam’s and tells him in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t leave his family alone- meaning Nora, Sally and Aidan- then he’ll kill him or die trying. Liam isn’t particularly scared, but he is impressed.

Liam shows up later, the missing Erin in tow, having found her living on the streets. He tells Josh to try and take care of his family, such as it is, better than he did his own. Of course, he still has no idea Nora killed his daughter and Aidan his son or they’d be having a very different talk- or more likely, no talk, all action.

Speaking of action, it’s time Sally took a little, so she gets a spirit-blocking necklace (“Soul-lock, bitch!”) from her friend, and it’s off to exorcise mom. She knows it’s probably too late for her & Max, but she figures he deserves a shot at happiness, and probably won’t get one with dear old mom around messing with his love life eternally. She goes to exorcise him, but has a change of heart in light of her recent experiences, noting the irony of the situation, and opts to let mom go, but not without a stern warning to leave Max alone in the future.

Then Sally makes one last-ditch effort to win Max back, unsure of what exactly mom said to her. Apparently, it wasn’t irreparable, at least to Max, because he opts to give her a second chance after all, albeit with a few ground rules, like no sex in the viewing room. Sally makes no promises. We see mom looking on from the sidelines, looking to have made her peace with the situation, so all’s well that ends well, as they say.

As Aidan wrestles with whether he should keep feeding on Kenny now that the two have bonded over the awesomeness of the original John Carpenter-version of “The Fog,” the situation finally catches up with him as the other nurse working with Kenny calls Aidan on the blood double-dipping, telling him she’ll have his job for this. In a panic, he snaps her neck like a twig, nervously looking around to make sure Kenny wasn’t watching. He wasn’t but then Aidan wakes up, realizing it was just another mind-trip from the girls he victimized.

Unfortunately, that realization comes at a price, as he fangs out in front of Kenny, who in reality, is very much awake and sees proof of what he suspected before: that Aidan is indeed a vampire. This sets the stage for what should be a pretty interesting next episode, from the looks of the preview.

What did you think of “Being Human” this week? Intrigued or annoyed by Aidan’s girly-girl ghosts or guilty conscious manifesting itself? Sympathize with poor Kenny or do you think he’ll end up working with Aidan in spite of his fears?

Think Sally probably had it coming for her trespasses of the past, or were mom’s actions a bit much? And come on, how cute was that outfit? Do you think her & Max will last?

Who do you think would win in a showdown between Liam and Josh for real? Can you guess what’s in the sandwich? Let me know in the comments!