2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And Just Plane Magic”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 16 And Just Plane Magic (2)

So, on the latest “2 Broke Girls,” the Raveonettes are in town and the girls want to go but can’t afford to. I feel it in my bones that Kat Dennings must have picked this particular band out for recognition, and it’s a well-deserved one at that, being that the band has been around almost since the turn of the century. Yay, Raveonettes shout-out!

Although, I don’t know if I buy Caroline being such a big fan- though I have no problem with her being into 2 Chainz. That sounds about right to me. Still, that she would have seen them in their native Denmark was a nice touch- that, I can buy a little more, in that she might have stumbled into the concert not knowing who they were and ended up a fan. Perhaps the Roskilde Festival? I mean, I’m guessing there aren’t that many big names in Denmark to forget one of the biggest. But I could be wrong, not exactly being an expert.

But I digress from Hipster Talk, to continue with our story. The girls decide to go outside the venue in the back, attempting to try and finagle a way into the show. They almost buy tickets off a guy who’s inexplicably dressed like a cow– don’t ask: I didn’t. However, he makes some dubious demands of Caroline, which she refuses, apologizing to the more-game-as-always Max.

Caroline: “Sorry, Max, but I can’t come back from pulling a strange man’s teats.”
Max: “You’d think that, and then you do it and it’s not so bad.”

Fortunately, after Max bashes on the backstage door in a last-ditch effort, one of the touring band’s members takes one look at Max and smartly lets her in. Who can blame him there? Especially given how the night ultimately turned out for him. A wise move, indeed.

As Caroline worries over Max’s whereabouts after the show, Oleg sees Sophie come in looking like she’s auditioning for an 70’s roller derby movie. Or perhaps another 80’s camp-fest…

Oleg: “I always love it when you wear that outfit- it makes me want to Xanadu you.” (Well played, “2 Broke Girls.”)

Turns out Caroline’s worries were for naught- Max was only getting her groove on with the Brit all night. In fact, she comes in all smiles, looking raring to go…but why?

Caroline: “Wait, why do you look extra pretty?
Max: “Probably the hours of him going Downton on my Abbey.”
Earl tosses his two cents in, professing a seemingly unlikely affection for said referenced show: “I enjoy any show where the help is white.”
Caroline is somewhat jealous: “The only fun I had last night was when that cow dude fell asleep on his feet and I tipped him over.”

Well, Caroline’s luck changes when Max informs her that the Brit is flying them out to the Grammys on his dime. She’s thrilled, and also surprised by the revelation that Max has never been on a plane before.

Caroline: “Max, you’ve never been on a plane?”
Max: “I’ve never been on a plane!”
Caroline: “Max, even snakes have been on a plane!”

If Caroline’s love for the Raveonettes was a bit dubious, then Han’s for 2 Chainz is even more so. He offers to let them off work to go to the show on the condition that they try and get the aforementioned rapper’s autograph on his t-shirt. They say yea, and it’s off to fly the friendly skies.
Much to Caroline’s surprise, the plane turns out to be the one she and her family used to use. She even finds an old lipstick in the cushions.

Caroline: “Just in case something went wrong I wanted to look good if I was going down.”
Max: “You know they don’t care what you look like as long as you go down.”

Well, who else is on the flight but in things that only happen on TV, it’s the man himself, 2 Chainz. (I guess the Raveonettes themselves weren’t actually available- or perhaps willing.) As the French stewardess amusingly refers to him as “Monsieur Deux Chainz,” he tells her he wants to catch some shut-eye, and dons face mask! She asks him if he wants anything and he says “Sleepytime Tea.”

Max: “Sleepytime Tea? That is so gangsta!” (LOL on that excited line delivery.)

After Chainz is down for the count, the girls decide to have some fun. Max puts her best features forward- and on top of Chainz’ head, which must have been a fun shooting day. Caroline retaliates by putting her limited-but-cute booty all up in his face, when Chainz wakes up just in time to get an eyeful. Caroline barely has time to register her embarrassment when the pilot ducks back into the cabin to check on the passengers.

Pilot: “Hey, what’s the party, players? I heard booty and I heard ho, so I had to do a pop-in.
2 Chainz: “Always some weird white guy coming in to crash your party.”

Unfortunately for the girls, their Grammy dreams literally come crashing down when there’s engine trouble. Instead of L.A. they get Kansas. Cue wah-wah horn.

Max: “2 Chainz did say we were two fine big booty hoes. That’s pretty magical.”

The girls decide to put on their best rental duds and go to the show anyway- at least via the TV. Max looked pretty slamming in her outfit, but Kat’s actual real-life Grammy outfit was classier, if more tame. (Poor Beth Byers must not have gotten the invite- cue the wah-wah horn again.) For that last magical touch, Max put a quarter in the vibrating hotel bed and they drowned their sorrows in the rumbling comforts of a trashy good time.

Caroline: “You know, this kind of feels like the private plane.”
Max: “Yeah, the one I have in my nightstand.”

Fairly amusing stuff all around. Caroline’s rapping was priceless and so was Sophie’s outfit. And, of course, given my name, I obviously got a kick out of the following exchange:

Caroline: “I haven’t seen the Raveonettes live since I saw them in Denmark.”
Max: “That is crazy, because I first heard of them when I was dry-humping a guy named Mark in his den.”

Would that it were so, minus the dry part, LOL.

What did you think of “2 Broke Girls”-meets-“2 Chainz”? Or the Raveonettes name-dropping? How about Caroline’s mad skillz? Or Max’s sexy dress? Which was better: this one of the real Grammy one? When’s the last time you heard a “Xanadu” joke? Have you ever heard a “Xanadu” joke? Let me know in the comments!