The Carrie Diaries Preview: Amy B. Harris Discusses Carries Virginity, Walt’s Story and Surprises from Donna

The Carrie Diaries (CW) - Dangerous Territory

CW’s new series The Carrie Diaries continues on Monday, February 11 with an episode called “Dangerous Territory.” TV Equals was there for a special screening of the episode and a Q&A with executive producer Amy B. Harris.

We were sworn to secrecy about certain aspects of the episode, but what I can say is that you will see a new part of Manhattan not yet explored on the show. It will also feature Carrie reaching a new milestone in her life, maybe even a couple of milestones. Carrie meets an old friend who might just turn into a new flame, but things don’t go very smoothly for them, at least not in the beginning. As for her friends, Walt helps Mouse with a very important (and also very personal) project, and Maggie takes on Donna in a battle over territory. Part of what we were sworn to secrecy about was in Donna’s story so be sure to tune in to find out what that’s all about. I can also say that Sebastian will make an appearance in the episode, but not exactly how or why.

Here are some things we learned from Amy B Harris.

Carrie’s old friend will be around for a while and he has a different energy than Sebastian. Asked to talk about Carrie’s new love interest, George, Harris said, “He is definitely someone new in Carrie’s life who is going to stay around for a nice little arc.” Continuing, she said, “He’s a more relaxed energy than Sebastian and I like that about him.”

Carrie’s virginity is important to her so don’t expect her to lose it any time soon. Speaking about Carrie, Harris said, “What I love about Carrie is that she actually values her virginity and thinks a lot about who she wants to give it to and I think George being older, and from a more sophisticated world, has a different attitude about it. Some people think virginity is something to get out of the way and some people think it’s sort of a treasured milestone mark. I like putting Carrie up against people who have differing points of view about it than her. She’s a very romantic girl. She’s thinking a lot about how she wants it to happen, but we haven’t gotten to the place where it’s happened.”

Walt is still struggling with his feelings and it will take a bit longer for him to come out. Talking about Walt’s story, Harris said, “I feel like 2013 is a much better time to know you’re gay in high school, for a lot of people, not for everyone. What was so compelling for me about being able to tell this story in 1984 is the truth is that nobody was coming out in high school. When I wrote the pilot I actually thought I would have him come out a lot faster. But then when I watched the pilot, I realized that in the time frame it’s in, it’s a very difficult thing. I wanted to tell this story in a longer, more drawn-out way, because I think it’s the truth. Even now it can be really hard to come out and I wanted that experience to be real for Walt, which I think is painful and scary.”

Maggie and Walt’s secrets from each other are going to lead to some fall-out. Asked to talk about Maggie and Walt’s relationship, Harris said, “Maggie and Walt are both two people who are in places where they are hiding a lot of things and don’t really like themselves. I think in a way Maggie is my most tragic character, because I think Walt, up until [episode 4] didn’t even really know what he was hiding, but now he’s making some conscious choices to hide behind Maggie. And I think in his mind he really wants it to be true. I think he thinks ‘Well, I’m having sex with her, so that must mean I’m not gay.’ But she’s made a lot of bad choices in part because she picked a guy who isn’t attracted to her, not because of her but because of whom he is. But she doesn’t know that yet. There’s going to be a lot of fall-out, for both of them.”

Larissa’s influence on Carrie is going to come between Carrie and her father. “For Carrie, Larissa is sort of this; I like to call her a ‘role model/cautionary tale.’ But she is opening up ideas and doors for Carrie that she never thought of before and I really love that, and I think that’s going to become a direct conflict for her and her father as the season goes on.” Harris revealed.

Donna is going to surprise people as the season continues. When asked about Donna, Harris said, “Donna is going to show some surprising colors throughout this season. Here’s what I love about Donna: I think out of everyone on the show, she’s the only one who doesn’t lie. She’s always honest, even if it’s mean, which it often is. You’re going to find her very surprisingly filled with heart in some upcoming episodes.”

What do you think now that you’ve heard a little bit more about tonight’s episode and the rest of the season? Whose story are you most excited to see on this season of The Carrie Diaries?

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