Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “The Princess And The Troll”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 14 The Princess and the Troll (3)

Mike & Molly celebrated Valentine’s Day early in tonight’s episode, ‘The Princess And The Troll’. During what is the biggest romantic day of the year, Mike and Molly focused less on one another, and more on Harry from their overeaters anonymous group. A nervous talker and socially awkward guy who has bad breath – according to Mike – Molly wants to set the poor guy up with Victoria.

After the meeting Molly decides to sell the idea to Victoria, but Mike seems against it after he feels Harry stole his thunder at the meeting. Hitting his 40 lb. milestone, Mike is becoming more of a jerk in Molly’s eyes. The best part of the episode came when Molly sits down with Victoria to talk her into the date and explains that Harry has potential to be molded, kind of like Mike. A few jokes over raviolis were exchanged and before you know the scene conjures terrible visuals of Mike eating on the toilet.

Carl and Samuel’s Valentine Day plans were also pretty interesting. Both dateless, the two decide to pursue love at the laundromat. Carl, who has now earned the nickname “perverted genius”, has the idea that finding single ladies while washing laundry is the best way to go and a step above trolling for them at the bus station. Once the ladies start washing and drying their clothes there is no way they can make a run for it!

While their big plans turn into a hilarious bust, Harry actually ends up the most successful of the night. The beginning of his big date night doesn’t go well, sending Molly into a panic, but it eventually works out. With a new suit, flowers and chocolates, Harry finally peels himself off of Victoria’s front stoop and makes his way into the house, with the help of Mike, to take her out on the town. Surprisingly, Victoria is gracious and sweet when she finally comes face to face with Harry, giving the V-Day episode a sweet ending.