American Dad Season 8 Review “Max Jets”

At the heart of American Dad, there’s a great deal of absurdity. Nonsense and silliness are this show’s driving engine, and even still, “Max Jets” demands that we accept some pretty ludicrous things. Where, for example, is Roger getting all his Max Jets money? And why don’t the Smiths demand it from him all the time? The episode dismisses all this with a few asides from Klaus, which may be the first time in recent memory that Klaus provided something enjoyable to an episode.

And so beyond that nutso setup, it’s another week where Roger-in-costume is a guest star, but I enjoyed it, probably mostly just on the strength of individual jokes. And individual jokes is where a show like this should be shining anyway. The weirdness of Roger’s “voting machine” excuse for fondling was great, as was Francine’s exclamation of “I can’t wait to be so close to Portugal!” upon finding out she may be going to Spain. Francine’s constant confusion, too, was a great runner (“What’s happening? I zoned out for a second.”), and the entire sequence with the failed murder attempts was perfect. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed harder at this show then when Hailey used her new-found telekinesis to fling that scorpion into her own face.

The marionette sequence, too, was fantastic, and the twist of Max having a son was a fun enough way to end the thing. If I have one problem with “Max Jets,” it’s the very last scene, which feels like a wet little fart on the end of an otherwise sturdy joke machine. It’s already been pointed out to us how absurd the entire Roger situation is; don’t just point it out to us again and call that an ending. But that’s a minor quibble with an otherwise very fun American Dad.