Revenge Season 2 Review “Union” – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Revenge Season 2 Episode 13 Union (16)
I’d have to say that “Union,” this week’s episode Revenge, probably gave us the most human Emily that we’ve ever seen. We’ve always known that she’s strong, but it takes a special sort of strength to stand by the girl you handed your real identity to as she marries the guy you’ve always loved, especially when your replacement lover has seemingly abandoned you in his own grief.

Yes, Jack and Amanda were married this week, in a ceremony that closely mirrored the make-believe wedding Jack and the real Amanda (Emily) had on the beach as children. But while the nuptials were sweet…or as sweet as they can be when the groom has no idea who his new wife really is…there was so much more to this episode.

Aiden found out that the Initiative actually killed his sister six years earlier and he took his grief out on Emily. Eventually he came around, right when she needed him the most (after Jack married the fake Amanda and Daniel dumped her to protect her from the Initiative), and I’m glad she has him, especially since Nolan was occupied with going against her wishes regarding Padme’s connection to the Initiative. They did enlist her to get the Carrion software by kidnapping her father, but she has no idea why.

Neither do we, really. The Initiative is as much of a mystery now as it was when we first heard about it. And we won’t be getting any answers from the only known contact; Victoria blew her away when she realized Daniel was being manipulated into the same position David Clarke had been years earlier. Since the Initiative was setting her son up to take the fall for their crimes, Victoria took out one of their chiefs. I have a feeling, though, that all she did whack one mole, and five more are about to rear their heads.

In addition to having to help Victoria clean up her mess, Conrad tangled with Jack and Amanda when Emily gave them the money to reimburse his investment in the bar. Of course, with the real estate deal in place, he didn’t want to do it, so Amanda stole some of Emily’s files on the Graysons and confronted Conrad. That does take some of the pressure off Emily, but it also put Amanda and Jack in a very dangerous position. This is why Emily is the brains; Amanda doesn’t think things through. Now one of the thug brothers is lurking on Jack’s boat as he and Amanda sail off for their honeymoon, and we know that the ship is going to sink and a man wearing a wedding ring isn’t looking like he’s going to survive.

Is there any hope for Jack and Emily, or by giving Amanda the pipe-cleaner ring she’d made as a child, was she finally letting that little girl dream of the boy on the beach go for good? Is she better off with Aiden, a man who knows exactly who she is and what she’s capable of doing? Or are there still people out there who hope she and Daniel will team up to take down Conrad, Victoria and the entire Initiative?

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  • Courtney

    I feel like the show has stalled. We’re going round in circles and it doesn’t seem like the writers know what direction to go in. We still don’t know much about the initiative. Yes, they’re bad, but what else? What is Aidan’s role? How much longer with his sister stuff? What’s going on with Nolan’s computer program? Can we get rid of the girlfriend now? And yeah yeah, Emily is sad about Jack. The problem with that story is that Emily has told too many lies and done too many bad things – her chance with Jack is long gone. Her crying about it now almost feels self-indulgent. And the stuff about the bar turning into a casino is dragging on and on and on, and it’s not even that interesting. I like Revenge, but I don’t HAVE to watch it on Sundays anymore. I may get to it later in the week on demand. It needs some focus and to weed out some of the useless characters.

    • Giselle

      Completely agree! The storyline has shifted to not just focus on Emily’s revenge and I think that defeats the whole point of the show. Who seriously cares about Aiden’s sister? Can we move on and re-focus on the Greyson’s? I mean, Emily from first season would NOT be in the dark about all of these major things happening. She would have known about Jack’s bar, and would have been one step ahead on Victoria killing Helen. And why the hell was it so easy for Amanda to hack into Emily’s computer and expose Emily’s leverage to Conrad, and the whole time Emily is completely out on the dark. Obviously Aiden is becoming a distraction. He needs to go, and PLEASE writers of this show need to go back to season 1 and re-direct the show to it’s original style.