The Walking Dead Chat – It’s Finally February!

The fans of AMC’s hit drama The Walking Dead can finally stop waiting. This Sunday, the zombie horror returns as Rick and the gang face off against The Governor. The Walking Dead has been on hiatus since December 2nd, and personally, my Sunday nights haven’t been the same without it.

In preparation for the return, let’s talk about what we can expect (or what I hope to expect) from the remainder of season 3.

Warning: If you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, please stop reading now. The remainder of this chat will be filled with spoilers. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.


When we last left Rick and his band of survivors, a few things had happened.

Woodbury Is Discovered

With the arrival of Michonne at the prison, Rick is ready to send her packing (without a thank you for bringing his newborn daughter formula, I might add) until she mentions the small fact that she knows where Glenn and Maggie are being held. With this little bit of information, Michonne makes herself invaluable to the group and leads a raid on The Governor’s picturesque town of Woodbury. However, things don’t go as planned on either side of the infiltration. Rick starts hallucinating and seeing dead Shane walking around the place, Daryl winds up in the grasp of The Governor, and Michonne discovers some things that no one should ever have to see.

The good thing is Glenn and Maggie are now safe, aside for a couple of bad bruises and possibly some broken bones on Glenn’s part. That’s what happens when you turn into a bad ass and kill a zombie while you’re duct taped to a chair.

Daryl Reunites With Merle

A main story line of season three has followed the Dixon brothers and their search for each other. While Daryl suspects that Merle is alive (albeit one hand short of a full set), the younger brother has no clue where to begin looking. Truthfully, Merle’s absence has helped Daryl not be a totally jerk to everyone around him, and while I’m really looking forward to seeing how their reunion plays out, I’m also a little apprehensive about what this will do to the new improved Daryl Dixon.

Regardless, after raiding Woodbury, Merle and Daryl are brought back together, but not in the type of reunion either of them expected. Instead of hugs and happiness that each other were alive and well, Daryl and Merle are placed in The Governor’s zombie gladiator arena where one-eye asks the citizens of Woodsbury to decide their fate.

Things don’t look great for the Dixon boys, and it’s pretty much all Merle’s fault.

The One Eyed Governor

Merle has one hand, and The Governor has one eye… can’t anyone keep body parts in this show?

In the defense of The Governor (I cannot believe I just typed that), he really didn’t see the attack that cost him his eye coming, and it sort of was Merle’s fault. The Governor sent Merle and a group out into the open to make sure Michonne was dead and couldn’t return to Woodsbury.

However, since Michonne is awesome and really knows how to wield a Samurai sword, she takes out the guys one by one. This leaves Merle extremely pissed off, and forces him to lie to The Governor that she is actually dead… instead of admitting failure.

I don’t blame him for being afraid of not completing the small task, but Merle’s lie comes back to bite him when Michonne leads Rick and others into Woodsbury. Things get even worse as Michonne sits in The Governor’s home and waits for his return, only to discover his secret. The Governor has kept his zombie daughter locked up in a straight jacket since she became infected. The zombie kid, in addition to all of the floating heads in fish tanks makes Michonne realize that this guy is not playing with a full deck.

The Governor returns to find Michonne with his daughter at the wrong end of Michonne’s sword, and when she kills the young girl, an epic fight ensues that ends with The Governor losing his eye. It was gnarly, it was awesome, and The Governor didn’t even wait a day for the damn thing to heal. He had it fixed as best he could, donned his infamous eye patch, and set out to kill a few people… starting with Daryl and Merle.


Now it’s up to Rick to save Daryl (please save Daryl, Rick!) and face off against The Governor. The tag line for the return of The Walking Dead is aptly “An Eye for an Eye”, and come Sunday, we’ll get to see how things shake out in the zombie apocalypse.

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