The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Into the Wild”

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 13 Into the Wild (4)

‘Into the Wild’ saw the Silas plotline finally take a bit leap forward. In true The Vampire Diaries fashion, we learn that Prof Shane had a wife and child who died, and it was this that ended up leading him to Silas. If he releases Silas, he gets his wife and child back. Of course, the others don’t want Silas to rise at all.

It was a little disappointing, to be honest. I long for the day when TVD has a bad gal/guy who the audience can’t sympathise with. It was bad enough when Klaus, the biggest bad imaginable (at least at the time of his entrance), was made into a pseudo-member of the Scrappy gang, but at least he’s still fantastically cruel whilst being someone the audience can root for. (His biting Caroline was cold and calculated, but somehow made okay by the way he caved and saved her later on. Klaus: evil, but lovely.) Shane is shaping up to be more pathetic than anything else.

Of course, Silas might be bigger, badder and less sympathy-inducing than either of them. The third group in the picture, only glimpsed before, turned up again today; one of them jumped Damon and he recognised the tattoo on his attacker’s hand. It was one of the five hunters. This was explained earlier in the episode by Shane, who claims that the hunters were created to force feed Silas the cure to immortality so that he could be killed. I thought they were made to kill the Originals? (Continuity seems to be pushed aside more and more often on TVD in favour of retconning.)

Wandering around an island for an entire episode, not doing much of anything, may be boring on paper, but it actually worked quite well. The scenes between Damon and Elena were a bit whiny — does anyone else wish Elena would get her Katherine on? — but at least it showed us more of Damon’s feelings about the cure and his possible future. We got more of the same with Stefan and Rebekah. I truly hope that his feelings about Rebekah are genuine because Stefan is a much better character when she is around. The idea of them potentially being together as humans is lovely, much better than him and Elena.

(Sidenote: is anyone else thinking the might want to deal with Klaus before Elena takes the cure? No one’s mentioned that, though it seems only logical. He might claim to not care about his hybrids, but why risk him raising an army again anyway?)

Overall, a pretty good episode. The inclusion of the other hunters looks to make things even more difficult for the gang, as the hunters are a force they neither know nor completely understand. My favourite part of the episode was, by far, Klaus, Caroline and Tyler, though. The power plays taking place and the emotions swirling around in that trio were incredible to watch.

What did you think of ‘Into the Wild’, dear reader? Looking forward to potentially meeting Silas? Want Damon to take the cure? Hope Jeremy takes his shirt off again next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!