Suits Season 2 Review “He’s Back” – And He’s a Bigger [Bleep] Than Ever

Suits Season 2 Episode 14 He's Back

In this episode of Suits, called (appropriately enough) “He’s Back,” Daniel Hardman returns and brings with him a whole bunch more trouble for pretty much everyone at the firm.

Well, it looks like Pearson-whatever isn’t going to be able to relax any time soon. They get rid of Daniel only to have everyone and their dog try to pick their bones dry and now the a-hole himself has returned. They just barely make it through Rachel’s dad trying to get a piece of them and then he sends an even worse dog after them. If it didn’t make for such freaking fantastic drama, I’d almost wish that the hits would stop coming but when they create such great scenes like we got in this episode, I’m happy to say “keep’em coming.”

Daniel bringing Monica Eton was evilly genius. It proved to Jessica that she, despite all of her warning to Harvey, had made a decision in the heat of a moment and boy, did it come back to bite her in the ass. I kind of loved that we had a few scenes where Jessica and Harvey changed roles. He had to hold her back from letting her emotions take control and doing something that she would later regret. Harvey is listening to her, even if she doesn’t always believe it.

Of course I loved what happened with Louis in this episode. The whole situation with Daniel and Monica using Louis’s feelings for Monica as their personal punching bag just killed me. As did the entire scene where he found out; Harvey was incredibly kind during it all, especially when he offered his bestest frenemy a drink. But perhaps the best part of that entire scenario was Louis’s confrontation with Daniel. I think he’d been feeling very vulnerable by all that transpired between them and telling that jerk off was exactly what Louis needed to do to regain his footing. I doubt that Daniel will underestimate him again anytime soon.

My favorite bits..

“I just like to establish my own facts.”
“Or manufacture them”

Mike and Harvey whispering “douche-bag” together.

Hardman knowing that Harvey asked for partnership and Jessica turned him down. Okay now it’s my turn to call him douche-bag.

“She trusted me to kick your ass. Twice.”

Harvey pointing out that Jessica told him not to make rash decisions and she went and did that.

“I trusted you to beat him before and I’m trusting you to beat him now.”

Louis asking Donna to help him get on the Eton case.

“I never told Harvey how sorry I was for trusting someone that betrayed us all.”

Louis blaming himself for Hardman’s return.

“Success is the best revenge.”
“Bullshit. Revenge is the best revenge.”

Wow, now Mike is blaming himself, too. Looks like everyone is ready to fall on their sword for this.

“You’re nothing if not an asshole.” – DONNA IS MY HERO. That is all.

Donna smacking Hardman and not taking his crap when he tried to claim he didn’t plant the memo.

OMG! I was totally chanting ‘hit him again, hit him again!’ right before that second one. Swear to god.

“I’m so glad you brought that up you little son of a bitch.”
“Off the record.” – Love Harvey being the calm, cool, collected one.

“I thought she was bottom-feeding. I might have actually vomited when I heard.”

Jessica doing exactly what she keeps telling Harvey not to do and losing her control. Whoa.

Mike’s reaction to watching Harvey punch Hardman’s name on that wall.

Louis’s smile when he saw Monica, and the resulting grimace when he heard she was meeting Hardman.

“I guess he must have learned from you not to always tell dad what he was up to.”

“Want to know what he learned from me? Not to let some two-time loser get in his head.” – Gotta love protective Harvey.

Oh crap, I so know where this “harass” comment is going. Of course she’s bringing up Louis.

“They promised a brunette. Well I guess there’s a few.”

Kenny G?? Oh Louis. Props to Harvey for not taking the bait though.

Louis begging Harvey to let him help on the case.

Another amazing Harvey and Louis scene. Louis’s reaction to reading the depo….my poor heart.

“Drink your drink.” – Louis’s hands shaking when he held the glass. Dangit, here come the tears..

Mike twisting the facts about his interview to make Rachel feel better.

Mike, Harvey and Jessica ganging up on Hardman. Yes!

Louis turning off the elevator. Wait, did he learn that from Gibbs on NCIS?

Louis giving Hardman a piece of his mind.

“I want to know exactly what it is that you twisted, so that you know exactly what it was that put me over the edge.”

Louis threatening to kill Hardman. Be still my beating heart.*fans self*

“He made me look like a fool with her then, and he made me look like a fool with her now.”

Harvey telling Jessica that she kept her cool when he wanted to lose his and she needed to do it again.

Rachel saying that she was going to be “unleashed” when she got out of Harvard.

Donna spotting that there was something wrong with the sign.

Donna admitting that she hit Hardman, twice.

“Bitch slap”
“Damn straight.”

“How’d it feel?”
“Good enough that I did it again.”

The look on Donna’s face when she thought Harvey was calling her beautiful and then realizing he was talking to Jessica.

“Bitter and barren, my ass.”

Jessica telling Harvey to take that name down.

Jessica offering Robert a merger again.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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