Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “The Face of Change”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 14 The Face of Change (1)
Cahill returned to Grey’s Anatomy this week with another set of body snatchers in tow. Last week, we saw the “doctors in the ceiling,” this week it was a band of public image consultants seeking the new face of Seattle Grace. The image consultants focused their excessive and often inappropriate picture taking efforts on Alex and Jackson, who had emerged as the frontrunners for the Seattle Grace reboot. What’s up with Jackson and the facial hair? Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a noticeable change.

Much of the episode’s drama was driven by couples – both official and unofficial. With no ER but a new suitor, April found herself deeply unfulfilled by her work and spending more time in the ambulance with her new paramedic beau. She decided to play a bit of hooky and found herself smack dab in the middle of a trauma involving a young boy who was critically injured in a car accident. With a little help from her old flame, Jackson, the doctors banded together to aid April in a covert effort to save the kid’s life.

When things got a little tricky as Cahill and the potential buyer another couple, Derek and Meredith, provided important help. Derek also unknowingly sold himself to Cahill and the public image consultants as the new face of the hospital. Love the choice, hate the purpose.

Cahill and Owen were clearly unhappy with the secret uprising in trauma, but that didn’t stop Owen and Christina from continuing their post-divorce sexual shenanigans. Divorce is the best thing that ever happened to this couple!

A funny but unlikely couple – Callie and Richard – set out to learn more about Pegasus, a company expressing serious interest in buying Seattle Grace. After a rough start, the duo finally found an effective undercover identity as Pegasus employees and had all of their worst fears about being taken over by big business confirmed.

As the episode came to a close, Callie rounded up the newly rich plane crash victims (except Christina who was getting busy with Owen elsewhere) and announced her big idea to save Seattle Grace – the crash survivors will pull an Izzie and buy the hospital!

Overall, I really enjoyed this week’s episode. I loved seeing the doctors rally around April’s trauma patient. Notably, Bailey was not included in the covert mission, which is very likely due to her thinly veiled resentment towards the crash survivors and her fast acceptance of the upcoming changes. The interns are finally growing on me, as they proved clutch during the covert trauma. I also got a pretty good laugh at Callie and Richard. Hopefully Callie will successfully rally the doctors – I would hate to see Richard gone from Grey’s Anatomy.

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