CSI: NY Season 9 Episode 15 “Seth and Apep”

CSI: NY Season 9 Episode 15 Seth and Apep (6)

CSI: NY “Seth and Apep” Season 9 episode 15 airs Friday, Feb 8 2012 9:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS.

Episode Synopsis: Mac and the team partner with D.B. Russell to outsmart Christine’s kidnappers before they run out of time to save her life, in the second part of a two-part crossover, on CSI: NY, Friday, Feb. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Ted Danson (“CSI”) guest stars as CSI D.B. Russell. Navid Negahban (“Homeland”) guest stars as Zane Kalim, a criminal with information about Christine’s whereabouts.

CSI: NY, a crime drama inspired by the drama series, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” is about forensic investigators who use high-tech science to follow the evidence and solve crimes in the Big Apple. Det. Mac Taylor, a dedicated and driven crime scene investigator who believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story, is a decorated Marine who served in Desert Storm and dabbled in war photography. The job is his life; he focuses on cases until they are solved. The team includes the newest addition, Josephine “Jo” Danville, an experienced investigator from Washington, D.C., whose work is driven by her empathy for the victim.

They work with a team of experts, including Danny Messer, an investigator with an unflappable spirit and a troubled family history, which he uses on the job as he blends his own set of hybrid ethics. Messer was personally selected to join the team by Mac, and he attempts daily to live up to that honor and responsibility. Sheldon Hawkes is the crime lab’s former coroner, a brilliant Ph.D. who transitioned to the field team. Joining them is Don Flack, an edgy, hardcore homicide detective with a quick wit, impressive forensic insight and a long family history in law enforcement; and Lindsay Monroe Messer, a young, athletic CSI with a Midwestern work ethic who is willing to roll up her sleeves to tackle any job, and rarely hints at the dark and devastating secret that originally motivated her to dedicate her life to being an investigator. Lindsay and Danny are married, and have a daughter, Lucy. Rounding out the team is lab rat Adam Ross and eccentric coroner Dr. Sid Hammerback. The New York CSIs may have a different process from those in Las Vegas or Miami, but they are guided by the same steadfast determination. These skilled investigators follow the evidence as they piece together clues and eliminate doubt, to ultimately crack their cases.

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  • cbs1234

    I did not have high expectations for this crossover episode, and unfortunately those expectations were not even met. What a way to ruin the end of what has been a good show! The whole crossover was so contrived and the drama so forced it was painful to watch. So Mac Taylor goes rogue and everyone looks the other way so that the guy who doesn’t break the rules is suddenly willing to break any rule in the book to get his woefully pathetic girlfriend back. Any character introduced into a series that can change the attributes of a rock solid character like Mac Taylor is one that does not belong. The writers are willing to sacrifice the essence of who Mac is for some sap drama in the twilight of the show. Sorry, but the writers failed miserably on this one.

  • Mac taylor 8433

    I don’t think they failed because it shows just how far mac is willing to go to save the life of the woman he loves even die for her so i thought it was an brilliant crossover and its nice to see mac find love again with another woman after the tragic death of his first wife claire