6 Things To Be Excited About Community Season 4

Community - Season 4

Fans of Community probably thought this day was never going to come, but it’s finally here. Season 4 of Community premieres tonight, February 7th at 8pm on NBC. And it’s back to the Community classics right from the start.

I got a chance to screen the premiere episode “History 101” as well as the third episode “Conventions of Space and Time” (airing Feb. 21st) early and thought I would tease 6 exciting things heading your way.

#1 The Gang Is Back!

Of course the most exciting thing of all is simply the fact that the gang is back on our TV.

#2. Spoilers!

If you read that headline in River Song’s voice you get extra points, and if you didn’t get that reference, then I don’t know if we can be friends…

Along with our advance DVD, we were asked not to reveal a few specific plotlines that happen in the premiere episode. As such I can’t reveal those points, which I do think will make the show more enjoyable to watch anyway, but I can tell you this. There is a reason these elements are not mentioned and it’s because they are typical Community stuff.

And that’s why Spoilers! is a reason to be excited about Community‘s return. It means the show hasn’t changed it roots, but instead brings them back full on.

#3 The Hunger Games

You might have already seen some hints of it, including in this trailer, but the premiere episode includes some Hunger Deans… umm Hunger Games references and it’s loads of fun. Especially since they involve red balls…

“May the odds be ever in your dean’s favor.”

#4 A Doctor Who Convention… Sort Of

If you’re a fan of Community, then you know Troy and Abed are huge fans of Inspector Spacetime (an homage to UK series Doctor Who of course) and in this season’s third episode they head out to an Inspector Spacetime Convention which leads to all sorts of drama including adultery, lies, being locked in a box and much more.

#5 Troy and Britta

Troy and Britta are officially a couple this season. Yay!!! This is the first real/official couple we’ve had in Community which includes characters from the main cast. So far these two are a treat to watch because they do not lose their quirky by being together that’s for sure, plus we get some new elements added to the gang’s dynamic.

That’s definitely going to be a fun one to see evolve.

#6 Abed

… I think this one speaks for itself.

And that’s all I have… well, not really I could go on, but these are the Big 6 for me so far this season and I hope… who am I kidding of course that’s enough for you to tune in, I probably could have stopped at Community is back and you would have been excited.

Either way, make sure to tune in tonight at 8pm on NBC to say hi to Community‘s return.

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