White Collar Season 4 Review “Empire City” – Less Trust Equals More Fun

White Collar Empire City Season 4 Episode 13

In this episode of White Collar, called “Empire City” (directed by Tim DeKay), Peter and Neal continue to hunt for clues about the key and along the way stumble across another case involving cabs and jazz.

This was DeKay’s second time sitting in the director’s chair and I’m really starting to enjoy his style. When he directs an episode, I feel like we get the best of both worlds: a great director and someone who knows the show incredibly well. For instance, his use of music was great. I never would’ve thought of myself as a jazz fan, but I kept finding myself tapping my toes to the music, especially when June was singing. The episode had all the great elements of White Collar, but with those added touches that were undeniably DeKay’s.

As for the actual story in the episode, that was pretty darn awesome, too. It allowed the entire team to work together again, including Elizabeth and even June, which is something I always like to see. But behind the taxis and jazz club, there was still the bigger story of the key and that got moved along nicely in this episode as well.

If you’ve read my reviews before then you know that I haven’t always been a fan of Peter and Neal not trusting each other. They keep going back and forth as to who’s hiding a secret from whom and I’ve always thought I wanted that to stop. Funny enough, it was DeKay himself who changed my mind. I had the pleasure of taking part in an interview with him earlier this week and he made some great points about how there will always be secrets between Peter and Neal. He said that though they may trust each other implicitly as friends, when it comes to the job they are very different people. In fact, he said that we don’t necessarily want to trust Neal because that’s part of the fun. Talk about some wonderful insight.

So I’m going to hop off my soapbox, stop demanding that Peter and Neal trust each other and enjoy the ride of where this story is taking us right now. I am loving that Elizabeth is getting herself deeper and deeper into the lies. I also love that the more Neal thinks he’s staying ahead, the more Peter keeps catching up to him. This cat-and-mouse just keeps getting more and more fun.

My favorite bits..

“Hacks-a-lot, go for me.”

Peter and Clinton tracking all of Neal’s moves via his anklet.

Peter trying to act all innocent when Elizabeth noticed he wasn’t wearing his sling. Oops.

“Moz, I’m not paying you for the ride.”
“You are if we’re going to Brooklyn.”

“Chasing wild geese is an expensive sport.”

“Mine is legal!”
“Moz, it’s me.” – The look Neal gave Mozzie was classic.

Mozzie completely losing his cool when he saw another cab with his medallion number.

Peter telling Elizabeth that he was watching from the sidelines so he could control the outcome of Neal’s plan. Also known as “keeping Neal safe.”

“I think it’s good he lied to you.”

“Hal Hoover is just trying to make an honest living.”
“He’s neither honest nor living.”

Upstanding citizen “Hal Hoover” bringing Peter a case.

“Every time he opens his mouth I reach for my cuffs.”

Neal’s less-than enthusiastic reaction to Peter’s TLC joke.

“What’s he doing here?”
“His best Columbo impression?”

“Three in the hand is better than none in the bush.”
“Stop trying to make that a saying.”

Neal calling Mozzie “Danny DeVito” and Mozzie calling Neal “Calvin Klein.”

“So when I do it, I’m a criminal, but when you do it, you’re a patriot?”

Poor Mozzie nearly losing his mind as Peter and Neal slowly went through all the addresses.

“Roll with me on this.”
“Just once I would love an explanation to follow that sentence.”

Peter immediately jumping in to Neal’s act and claiming to be with a record label.

“Music has to come from somewhere to go somewhere.” – I love that.

Peter and Neal sharing a look when Elizabeth started going through the paperwork and finding discrepancies.

“Oh, we’re laughing with you, toots.”

Clinton remarking that a cigar was the reason they had five senses and that if you lit one up, you’d hear it sing.

“Listen, little man, if you think you can show me some class, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Best musical montage on this show, ever.

Mozzie busting out a “You dig?”

“I saw Steve Coleman perform years ago, nearly blew my skirt right off.” – Wow! That’s what I call music.

Elizabeth, Clinton and Diana working together to get the message to June to dedicate the song to Delmon. Nice team work!

June working hard to keep Delmon occupied so that Neal could escape out the window. Whew!

“If anyone can keep someone occupied, it’s Mozzie.” – True story.

Neal figuring out where he needed to take the key.

Clinton offering to kiss Neal.

Peter and Neal figuring out the key, at the same time. These two are of one mind, though I know they’ll never admit it.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • ptjackson

    Best use ever of Ms. Carroll!! So happy to see her sing finally…..

  • Melissa

    Great episode, one of my favorites. I’m starting to see a pattern in Tim DeKay style, first baseball and the Yankee Stadium now old jazz and yellow cabs… nostalgia! He’s a romantic…

  • Chris1215tine

    How come Neal doesn’t realize that Peter will be tracking him with the ankle bracelet? Would have thought Neal would have guessed that! Thanks for the review.