The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Space Invaders” Amber’s Heart Is Beginning to Thaw

The Neighbors Episode 15 Space Invaders (1)

Poor Amber, right? The Neighbors delves into young love and loss once again with “Space Invaders.” It’s another Reggie-centric episode, but we’ve also got some Amber revelations to indulge in! Finally, Amber’s heart is beginning to expand and realize the error of its ways! However, it’s too late!

Things kind of go amok when Reggie asks Giselle, who’s now his study buddy, to marry him. He’s simultaneously falling for her and worried that he won’t be able to find someone else to actually like him back. Reggie’s parents are already furious that he’s dating a human, but they’re horrified when he declares their impending marriage.

Actually, Jackie and Larry’s problem isn’t so much with Giselle being a human (well, perhaps a bit for Larry), but it’s about them losing their son to manhood. I can kind of relate–I’m not a mother, but I do have a younger brother. I still think of him as a baby–I’m 10 years older than him, so I guess I would still think of him as the baby that was brought home from the hospital. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I dread/anticipate the day he’ll bring home a girlfriend or (shudder) a wife. I get why Jackie and Larry are losing their minds. With the help of his mother, Reggie finally comes to his senses about marriage and his chances with women. Instead of getting married, he decides to just be Giselle’s boyfriend.

Amber’s also losing her mind. Her star-studded romance with Jeremy is turning out to be terrible. Now that he can’t have Reggie, she’s beginning to realize that perhaps what she wanted was with Reggie all along. She even opens up to Larry and her mother, for goodness’ sake. Strangely enough, Larry turns out to be more attentive than Debbie, even though Debbie is the one who had been begging for girl time. I was hurt for Amber when Debbie laughed in her face at admitting her crush/love for Reggie. I thought Debbie would have been more sensitive than that.

The Neighbors Episode 15 Space Invaders (3)

Well, I’m sure Debbie is going to flip when she realizes her daughter was trying to really open up to her. In some episode down the line, Debbie is going to get seriously served. In the meantime, hooray for Giselle and Reggie! And hooray for the show’s advancements in the Zabvronians’ clothing. I’ve been noticing that over the course of the episodes, the clothes’ patterns have gotten increasingly sophisticated. Interesting choices in fabrics, costume designers and stylists.

As an aside, I’m glad to be able to watch this show on a regular basis; after watching so many serialized dramas, this show serves as a nice palette cleanser. I think that’s some of what makes the show a success for me; at least once a week, I get to watch a 30-minute show that just tells a simple story.