Supernatural Interview: Ben Edlund Talks Nazi’s, Golums and Secret Societies

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13 Everybody Hates Hitler

Supernatural season 8 continues on Wednesday, February 6 with an episode called “Everybody Hates Hitler.” TV Equals was there when the man behind the episode, writer Ben Edlund, talked about what fans can expect to see when Sam and Dean find themselves up against Nazis, secrets societies, and a giant Golum.

Last week, fans were introduced to a secret society called the Men of Letters. This week the boys will discover that yet another society actually does exist: the Thule Society. Asked why that group was chosen, Edlund said, “We needed a sort of counter-force for the Juda Initiative and Thule are historically perfect. They did exist and they are wildly occult. These guys actually did fund the early days of the Nazi party.”

Though they did exist, the writers did take a few liberties, one being the pronunciation of their name. “We’re supposed to say “Thuley” but we’ve decided to use “Thule” because it’s a more menacing sound,” Edlund revealed.

The idea of necromancy will also be introduced in the episode. “Necromancy seemed like the right arm of magic to pursue,” Edund said, adding, “Necromancy as a rule is the darkest form of magic usually and it is something that the Thule are working on to use for their own purposes. It’s like a self-empowerment move as much as anything else. In this situation it allows to create a new species of undead critter, who happens to be a Nazi, so you can especially kick them in the face, no offense to, well you don’t really have to worry about offending Nazi’s, which is what’s so nice about them.”

We’ve heard a lot about the new set, which will play a prominent role in this episode. “The new set is gorgeous, beautiful, and will stand as a set for some time. It was the opportunity to get them a really cool and atmosphere rich for them to be in. One of the challenges [of this episode] was writing the language of the set because I kind of get very prosy because I was so excited to do it and actually had to limit myself. At one point it was a mini universe underground that had all these spiral staircases. So I re-described it and they made something beautiful.”

In fact, the new set will actually bring them their case in this episode. “Sam’s really excited that they’re in this place and he’s really jazzed about this wealth of information and the library and everything that comes from inheriting the Men of Letters headquarters. Dean is a little less geeked-out in that regard and points out that all of the information terminates in 1958. Ultimately the case stems from their inheritance of the Men of Letters.”

But will there be any humor in the episode? In reply Edlund joked, “No, it’s like a rainy Wednesday” but then continued and said, “I think it’s got a lot more funny than I’ve had maybe in my last few episodes. Even though it revolves around dark material, as all episodes do, in it is this natural comedy team of a giant Golum with a kind of old school sense of purpose and a young Jewish man; he’s supposed to be a rabbi by the rules of the awaked Golum and he’s far from it. So it lends itself to some of my favorite kind of writing.” He also added that “the boys dealing with this comedy team get to be comedic themselves. Even in exploring their new home, there is a couple of moments,” and “batting people batting each other great distances can be kind of funny.”

But what about the Tablet story? “In this one the Tablet story is not front-and-center. Sam feels that this is a family inheritance from their grandfather. He feels strongly that things will come from this and he leaps into the databanks of this place. It, for him, represents a kind of well that he wants to get to know because he is convinced that it will give them leads and information.”

“In the history of the Winchesters they’ve had the myth of secret societies but almost no contact with them. We’ve never really made a point of them, but they are a huge corridor of occult studies. So for Sam it’s like, ‘we’ve found it, this is an important thing that’s going to give us tools to fight our enemies.’

So I’m going to say that it doesn’t directly affect the Tablet story, but that it builds in on their story as time passes.” Edlund revealed.

What about the fact that the last member of the Men of Letters said that the information should be destroyed? Sam got that information, but Dean didn’t, some fans are probably wondering if that will occur to Dean. When asked, Edlund said, “That doesn’t occur to Dean. We have a thing that we say on the show, ‘Bigfoot doesn’t exist’ because the hunters just all know Bigfoot’s not real. Dean’s position is that hunters knew that secret societies didn’t exist – not all hunters because there was a special dispatch that worked for Men of Letters – but in general the secret societies have done such a good job staying secret that for this number seasons there wasn’t any indication of their presence. They only came to light from the storehouse of information available to the Men of Letters. The desire to destroy the information coming from the last survivor is basically, ‘that was then, this is now.’ It may come to pass later that Dean will bring up that point independently but that is not in this episode.”

Sounds like this is going to be another fun episode of Supernatural. What do you think now that you’ve heard from Edlund about it? Are you more excited to see what happens when the boys find another piece of their family history?

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  • thandrale

    Who is playing the golem? He’s awesome. Are they using special effects or is he that huge?

    • Mokibobolink

      The actor’s name is John DeSantis and he is indeed that huge, according to Ben Edlund. 🙂