NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Kill House” – Training Turns Into The Real Thing

NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 14 Kill House

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, “Kill House,” the team has to do some intense training in order to capture some bad guys and in turns ends up having to save one of their own for real.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: I love watching this team work together. Giving us an episode where we get to watch the whole group go into a “kill house” as part of the case was so much fun for me. It seems like we have a lot of teams on TV these days, but there is just something about the way this group works together that makes me smile when I see it.

This episode wasn’t all fun and games though, and things did get serious in those houses a few times. Knowing that any of them could be seriously injured or possibly killed made things pretty intense. As did discovering that Granger was once again keeping dangerous secrets. Things became more nerve-wracking than ever when Nell ended up captured, but I knew that she would undoubtedly remember her conversation with Callen and put her trust in her training.

That last scene left me a little torn. I love seeing Nell acting more like a field agent, but at the same time I’m with Eric and don’t want to see her leave Ops anytime soon. Another thing I’ve said before is that it seems like every time one of those two leaves their little nest, they get in trouble, so perhaps she should do some more training with the team and wait until her wings are a little stronger before trying to fly out there in the big world. I know that would make me happy, at least for now.

My favorite bits..

Deeks’ reaction to seeing Sam sitting at his desk.

“That’s like sleeping with a man’s girlfriend.”

“It looks like a box of mind-your-own-damn-business.”

Yep, I totally knew that Deeks was going to yell “What’s in the box!” at some point. I mean, how could he not?

“Maybe one day I won’t be the rain on your parade, but today is not it.”

“Rain on our parade? More like a freaking tsunami.”

“She’s kidding, but if you hear me yell ‘noodles’, that means I’m in trouble.” “If I hear you yell ‘noodles’ I’m going to shoot you myself.”

Deeks’ Schwarzenegger impersonation.

Kensi admitting that she was a little nervous before going into the kill house.

Wow, that voice over the intercom giving them their orders made ME nervous. It felt like things just got real.

“Somewhere, Granger is laughing.”

Deeks admitting that he may have yelled ‘noodles’ when he got thrown down a flight of steps into a concrete wall. Yeah, I’d probably yell ‘noodles’ then, too.

“That was definitely a loss, maybe even call it an ass-whooping.”

“What part you role-playing now, Team Super Douche?”

Sam making fun of Callen’s attempt at a rallying speech for his troops.

Whoa! Nice move, Deeks! Loved the flying leap off the stairs.

“Men don’t melt under Gorgon stares. They turn to stone.”

Deeks trying so hard to find out what’s in Kensi’s box. Wait. That sounded so much dirtier than I intended it.

Nell asking Sam and Callen when they stopped being afraid of busting down doors.

Sam and Callen telling Nell the headhunter story.

Finding out that Granger was friends with Inman? Interesting.

“Have I ever pulled rank on you guys? ‘Cause that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Granger screaming at Inman.

“Granger’s a son of a bitch.”
“Yeah, but he’s a tricky son of a bitch.”

Oh noes! Not Nell!

Nell pulling the mag out of her captor’s weapon. Nice!

Eric hugging Nell when she got back. So sweet.

Feeling the exact same way about Granger that Callen did, until Hetty defended him and said he was a man who forgot how to ask for help. Dangit, now I don’t hate him anymore.

Granger apologizing to the team and to Nell.

Deeks tickling Kensi as she was carrying the box out of the door.

Final Blackout Moment: “All good, indeed.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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