Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Leap” – Out with a Bang and a Whimper

We should have expected that “Emily and the Leap,” this week’s (and the supposedly final) episode of Emily Owens, MD would leave us on a cliffhanger…but did it have to be such an evil one? And what is up with the CW calling it a ‘season finale’? Does this mean they’re going to give the show another shot? Or are they just trying to spare themselves from an internet campaign by being vague enough to give us hope?

Regardless, this was probably the last hour we will ever spend with Emily and company, so let me just jump right in by saying…WTF? How could they leave us there?? They knew weeks ago that the show was canceled; why punish the people who stuck with it by ending the series with Emily falling into bed with Will after deciding to pursue a relationship with Micah? Everything we came to love about the quirky blonde girl was destroyed in that moment and she became just another chick who picks the hot guy who rejected her over the sweet guy who always put her first.

I get why Will chose Emily, especially after seeing how, if he’d stayed with Cassandra, he would have become just as self-serving and dishonest and competitive as her, but couldn’t he have realized this sooner rather than later? The fact that he didn’t is exactly why he doesn’t deserve Emily’s love or loyalty. On top of everything else, he knew that Micah and Emily were starting something, yet he showed up at her apartment like it meant nothing, because he is Will and women should always pick him over anyone else.

In a way, I’m almost glad that we won’t ever see the consequences of this unfortunate development. Micah is facing the very real possibility of losing his mother while trying to deal with his insane sister…I don’t want to see him wounded by Emily’s betrayal, too. And, yes, it would be a betrayal, especially after that incredibly sweet scene with them in the records room when they decided to give it shot. I was so hopeful that it would take Will at least a few more (imaginary) episodes to realize what he let slip through his fingers.

But no. Immediately upon hearing that Emily had dared to look at another man, suddenly Will couldn’t get enough of her. He even told her that he didn’t want anything to change between them. I would have slapped him right then and there for his sheer audacity. Things can only change when Will wants them to change? And he’s the only one who gets to be happy and sexually fulfilled? Yeah…I had my slapping hand posed and ready to reach through my TV screen right then.

Instead of telling him off (which would have been the high road for me), Emily let it slide and when Will came a’knocking, she let him in for some decidedly not-platonic friend time. And that’s where we ended, ladies and gentlemen. Emily got what she wanted from day one, but if the show were to go on, it would have cost her what she needed, a man who cares more about her happiness than his own.

With that, we leave Denver Memorial behind, as we have so many other imaginary places before their time (Serenity, Niagara Falls, William McKinley High School), and just hope that somewhere in an alternate universe, Emily woke up from her naughty dream, realized what a terrible thing her subconscious did in her sleep, and decided that Will really did need to be slapped the very next time she saw him.

Well, how would you have set up the next episode?

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  • Natalie

    I read on twitter that the creator of the show always planned to have Will & Emily hook up in this episode & then Emily & Micah would have eventually ended up together by the end of the season but Im still totally pissed at the outcome of this episode how could Emily do that after agreeing to date Micah?!!

  • Çosas

    I’ve said this before when CW cancels a show, the last episode always has a way of giving fans the finger ( Life Unexpected, Wildcats Secret Circle,….need I go on?) So I somewhat expected this. But that doesn’t wasn’t cringing the entire time.

  • Nicole

    I am also confused that they are calling the final episode a season finale. I think you you may be right about them not wanting to cause an uproar about the show being cancelled.
    As the as the last episode goes I wish she would have picked Micah and I think she would have eventually, if he could forgive her (which he would, he seems like that kind of person). Still it will be harder for Emily to work with Micah after he learns about her night with Will and especially if she continues seeing him.
    One last thing, I think in the next episode Will be face the repercussions of telling that women that it was his fault that her spouse died. But alas we will never know:(

  • ptjackson

    Ok, while I agree with you that Will does not deserve Emily, there is still the huge problem of having Emily date her boss. Heck, we even saw the fallout from it to her career of not being picked for that surgical procedure. While she wants love, she also wants her career, and I don’t think she can get where she wants to be dating her boss.

    That said, I still agree that Will is a terrible friend, and deserves Cassandra – the two of them are made for each other – back stabbing climbers.

    Just my thoughts…..

  • Eddie

    That ending sucked, and the fact that TPTB decided not to amend it for the SERIES finale (no matter if they thought that Emily would end up with Micah at the end of a FULL season order) doesn’t sit well as we were left with THAT ending instead. As for the network calling it a “season finale”, it’s just a cowardly way for the network to sweep the series under the rug to hope people forget about it when they officially announce cancellation in May. With the way network television is nowadays, investing in a new series almost seems like a waste of time unless the new show is huge in ratings or the networks “pet project”.

  • Serious overeactions here. Emily didnt quite choose Will. He stopped by and her attraction or passion got the best of her. If this series had another season, Emily could back out of the kiss, she and Will could be interrupted, or she and Will could have sex then Emily would possibly have to weigh the possibility that she did something for desire not love. Theres many ways the story could progress. But to say she chose Will is a bit of a step.

    • Leah

      Completely agree about overreacting. I usually have the prudish sensibilities of the 19th century when it comes to this sort of story line, but (besides not exactly choosing Will) Emily never truly chose Micah either – or even gave an outright yes to his date request. She was wavering up to the end.

  • Disappointed Fan

    What a disappointing end. If the filming had already been done, that’s no excuse. All it would have taken to change the ending was a word or two, even off-screen as the camera faded … something like “WAIT!!” or “NO! STOP!!”

    I stuck with this show, but have felt from the beginning that alternately portraying Emily as practical and wise, and then ridiculously over the top on the geek scale, took away from the touching moments in this show. Beautiful moments with Micah in the records room, so much promise, and I’m angry to be left with that final scene as the essence of Emily’s true character. Yuk.

  • Jessica

    Even though the fact that Emily did not end up with Micah is disappointing, there are few points in favour of that outcome that need to be highlighted:

    1. Micah is her boss and dating him would affect her career, since he will try to show that he is not biased towards her. She already missed an opportunity and that made her think and question Micah.

    2. Micah’s sister would dampen their relationship with her attitude, even though Emily would be a great support to Micah.

    3. Also, Micah will be busy with his mother’s treatment at the Mayo clinic, he may not have time for their relationship.

    4. Even though they are really good friends, the fact that they have to discuss whether to date or not shows that there is not much passion there and too much caution. They are way too alike to be more than friends.

    That being said, a few points here for Emily’s relationship with Will.

    1. She loved Will for a while.

    2. She was never really over Will, as she told Tyra, the feeling has been squished deep down so that she could pursue a “very good one”. Well, “very good” is still not “fantastic”.

    3. Will was always confused about their relationship and in past he did not pursue Emily, because he did not want to ruin their friendship, should they break up.

    4. Will was always protective of Emily and looked out for her.

    5. When Cassandra wanted Will to choose, he did not choose her, because that would mean for him not to be Emily’s friend.

    Deep down Will always loved Emily too, and eventually he did realize it. Well, it looks like the ending is great after all. Sorry for Micah, he is a great guy, but what can you do. That’s what love triangles are about…

    I liked this show very much and I am sad to see it cancelled, but I got a closure that I am satisfied with. And I think Emily and Will will be happy together in their imaginary world.

    • Lo

      This post sums up exactly why I love Emily and Will. She and Micah were cute too, but I wanted her with Will since the beginning.

    • Kam

      Exactly! It was revealed in earlier episodes that Will HAD wanted to pursue Emily, but was afraid of ruining their friendship. It was only after he refused to choose Cassandra over Emily, and she dumped him, that he was free to pursue Emily. Yes, once he realized she was “over” him, it made her more desirable to him, but I think it was more forcing him to come to terms with his true feelings for her. I like Micah, but he IS her boss and they do make great friends, but there was no passion there. Emily and Will definitely had passion in the finale. I can happily imagine where their relationship goes from there…

    • ptjackson

      I will respectfully disagree with point number 4 under Will. He was not a good friend. He never saw or did anything beyond lip service when Cassandra was being mean to Emily. I define a friend as someone who will stick up for you when you are being abused – and let’s face it, Cassandra abuses Emily.

  • Why do they always cancel the good shows

  • Carol

    I too have loved watching this show it was the highlight of my week but I definitely wdid not like the last show when she and will got together! I agree with a few of you I was wishing it to be Micah! Would be nice to have more episodes!

  • Susan

    Maybe she was daydreaming..can we just hit rewind and have a DIFFERENT ending??

  • ItWasAboutTime

    One of five shows that I went to the trouble to watch. Two were cancelled, leaving me with three. Networks can’t even be bothered to invest for a full season or stick with a show, so why should viewers invest the time to watch….period.

  • Tasha

    they should cancel the stupid bow and arrow show instead KEEP EMILY OWENS MD ALIVE!!!

  • Leah

    I’m so sorry but it seems like not one reviewer of this ending has every been in love with a friend from a distance for 4 years. Emily’s decision to be with Will as soon as he decides he’s ready is believable and completely adorable! If you pine for someone and want them as badly as she did for as long as she did, it doesn’t matter if some other random person (even if they’re sweet) decides they like you. She wasn’t over Will and she never could be. She has loved him to long and I hope that they don’t have another season because they would ruin it by making her sorry that she was with Will. In this world, she would never be sorry about that night.

  • chelsee

    Glad show was cancelled! Actors were good but writers did not have Emily grow or evolve as a woman. She continued to be a woman-child making poor, stupid decisions in her personal life & was just a “girl” throughout show. Never did like Will…ugh.

    • Nunya

      You’re in the minority. Most everyone enjoyed it. Hush up!

  • Sad to Say Goodbye

    I completely disagree with the article above. I think the writer is being very biased in favor of Micah and against Will and Emily. Emily isn’t betraying Micah because she has always loved Will but was trying to move on because she was tired of waiting and hoping that he would return her feelings. And Will is not the bad guy. He loves Emily as a friend but was not sure that he could be more than that to her and so didn’t want to take advantage of her feelings, which he could have easily done. As for Micah, I like him, but let’s not forget that he just broke up with the nice doctor (Kelly?) because he just didn’t feel enough for her to continue the relationship. In love, you have to follow your heart, and Emily’s heart has always been with Will. Also, Will was jealous before Micah. Remember has reaction to the teacher Cassandra fixed her up with? Will just didn’t realize that he loved Emily (guys are dense sometimes), but he wasn’t a selfish arrogant guy who just decided to mess up Emily’s chance with Micah. I really hope the CW decides to reinstate this show. It is a cut above most shows they present, but I guess (maybe like Will), they didn’t realize immediately what a good thing they had and maybe (like Will), they’ll come to their senses and change things. One can always hope!

  • Happy Fan

    I liked the ending. Emily and Micah had not even had an official date yet. Also, Micah just broke up with Kelli because he didn’t feel enough for her, and she was hurt. You have to follow your heart and Emily’s heart belongs to Will. Also, Will is not the bad guy. He could have easily taken advantage of Emily, but he didn’t, and the reason he was reluctant to start anything before was because he wasn’t sure how he felt and didn’t want to hurt her. In time, he came to realize that he did love her.

  • Ndy

    I agree with a lot of the people saying Emily and Micah!!!!!! they make such a good couples and will and emily make such good friends, nooo!!! i was actually starting ot like this show :(((

  • Anonymous

    So incredibly sad this show will be cancelled. It was a breath of fresh air.

  • Bek

    I am sad, well as sad as I can be about a show I only got to see 13 times, which turns out isn’t all that sad, but anyway. I did like this show. It reminded me of Felicity which was my favorite show growing up. She was the smart girl who wasn’t overly popular, but I thought Mamie Gummer actually had the right look! Keri Russel was way too pretty, where as Mamie was pretty but in a more understated way. Also, there was the whole love triangle similarities: the guy she’d been in love with forever (ben/will) and the nerdy guy who was super nice (noel/michah) and I had been secretly hoping this was going to be the show where the “noel” character would get the girl. I would like to say here on Felicity I was completely routing for Ben. But I liked Noel too, and I loved Micah on this show! How could I not love Kostos from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And Will was not nearly as likeable as Ben. As Ben would have said “Will was a dick” He wasn’t awful, he just kinda seemed like a giant baby, and while I didn’t dislike him, I definitely wasn’t cheering for him to get the girl. I was SUPER disappointed when she let him in a the end of the episode and then EVEN MORE disappointed to find out that’s the last episode EVER. There was not much conclusion in that! At least when Last Resort got cancelled this season it neatly tied almost every story line up for us. Emily ended up just making me sad…

  • Jan

    If I could write the first show of the next season: Micah would come to see her too…knocking on her front door, she stops kissing Will to answer. When she sees Micah standing there she invites him in. Will and Micah exchange heated words, and Emily asks Will to leave. No sex with either one of them on the first show of the season. However, Micah said enough to really make her reconsider her foolish passion for Will.

  • Mel

    I have to admit that if I had pined over a man for that long and he showed up at my door “choosing” me I’d let him. I think Will is only human and also a man. So, by definition flawed. But, I love that he admits that she makes him a better person and he likes who he is with her. Casandra revealed her character with her advise giving him the clarity he needed. It was not a heated dramatic love climax but given the news he delivered that day he went to his safe place- Emily, and she never wavered in her faith in him. It was a sweet ending. I don’t want to see what TV land does to that, probably attempting to ruin his career, causing him to question his moral compass, etc etc. Micha revealed himself too, making it difficult for her to warm to him by comparison. Will’s got him beat by a mile, sorry.