Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “All That Remains”

Criminal Minds returned tonight after a one week hiatus with the perfectly average episode “All That Remains”. This is the first episode we’ve ever seen directed by Thomas Gibson, AKA Mr. Aaron Hotchner himself! I was interested to see how the episode would turn out, as this is not only the first episode of this series that Gibson has directed, but the first thing he’s directed at all since an episode of Dharma and Greg in 2001! Hopefully he isn’t too rusty behind the camera!

Being only two episodes removed from Maeve’s premature and shocking death, I was most interested to see if we would see Reid still in mourning at all. He only had half an episode off to sulk over her death before rejoining the team, so I thought he may be a little slower to get back into the swing of things, but that definitely wasn’t the case! The guy didn’t even skip a beat! I’m not saying that I want him to be all depressed and sulky or anything, but I thought he might at least reference Maeve’s death so soon after the fact.

The small bit of character development we had tonight revolved around JJ. Jennifer revealed a little bit about herself to Blake, telling her that her older sister died when she was eleven. There really wasn’t a whole lot to this little piece of information, but it’s always nice to get some more backstory of our characters.

As for the actual case itself, tonight’s episode revolved around an alcoholic father that seemed to have lot his teenage daughters. It was a little too easy to tell right off the bat that something was fishy with this case, so you just knew that it was going to be an inside job. When it was revealed that the dad had a Dissociative Identity Disorder, it seemed like a safe bet that the evil personality would be responsible. It was a cool twist that the older daughter did it, even though it did seem pretty clear from the jump that somebody in the family was in the wrong.

Overall tonight was a perfectly serviceable episode of Criminal Minds. The last couple episodes have been so great and so out of the ordinary, what with Spencer’s emotional upheaval surrounding Maeve’s death, that I guess reverting to the regular type of episodes is a bit of a letdown. I’m hoping that the stakes will start ratcheting back up soon in time for the season finale!

Random Thoughts:

– Are old people really staying up late to watch Letterman? I wasn’t quite sure I bought the old neighbor not only staying up past 11:30 PM to start watching Letterman, but actually watched him for long enough to get bored and turn off the TV so he could go spy on his neighbor!

– It’s starting to become odd when you see somebody using a cell phone on a TV show that’s not an iPhone.

– I can’t see somebody with DID on TV now and not think of Tara from United States of Tara. That show was so good! Why’d you gotta cancel it, Showtime?!