Courteney Cox To Reunite With Matthew Perry In ‘Go On’

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Courteney Cox will reunite with her former ‘Friends’ co-star Matthew Perry, The Hollywood Reporter has shared. Cox is headed to Go On where she will befriend Annie (Julie White). Her character will then attempt to set Annie up with Matthew Perry’s character Ryan. The episode is sure to trigger nostalgia for fans of Monica and Chandler. This is the first time the duo have been seen in TV land since their days on ‘Friends’ which sadly bid farewell back in 2004.

Cox’s guest appearance on the NBC series will air sometime in April. Her guest spot will also reunite the ‘Cougar Town’ actress with executive producer Scott Silveri who now works behind the scenes of ‘Go On’. Silveri previously worked on ‘Friends’ with both Cox and Perry.

While Cox currently stars as Jules Cobb in ‘Cougar Town’ that can now be seen on the TBS network, the actress is also well known for her prior roles in ‘Dirt’, the ‘Scream’ franchise, ‘Private Practice’, ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’ and ‘Scrubs’. She has also guest starred on Lisa Kudrow’s series ‘Web Therapy’ where she played the role of Serena DuVall.

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