Supernatural Chat – The Winchester Legacy

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 12 As Time Goes By (6)

Last week on Supernatural fans were treated to a little bit of John’s past, and how the eldest Winchester fits into the entire cosmic plan of “The Winchester Legacy”. While we know the past of Mary Campbell, up until this point John’s childhood or anything about his family has been kept pretty much under wraps.

In “As Time Goes By”, fans were given a peek into Henry Winchester, father of John Winchester, and grandfather to Sam and Dean. After popping through a motel closet and scaring the crap out of the boys, Henry figures out a few things:

1.) That John is dead and 2.) John was a hunter.

This displeases Henry for a few reasons – Henry was part of a legacy called “Men of Letters”, which he explains are learned men, and a pretty elite society of them to boot. That’s what I want to discuss in this issue of Supernatural Chat. What, exactly, Sam and Dean have to look forward to now that they know they come not only from a line of hunters, but also a society of men that protected the secrets of the occult.

Okay, so I’m over simplifying, but you get the drift.

Now what does this mean for Sam and Dean? The obvious answer, and the one that I yelled out loud when Henry disclosed what”The Men of Letters” actually was, is that Sam would lean more towards the Winchester side of the family tree and Dean draws more from the Campbell’s.

Sam is the obvious choice for the bookworm, as he’s been shown through the series as being the one that is relied upon heavily for his research skills. Dean is the one to shoot first and ask questions later. This could also lead into an even deeper exploration into how Sam never felt close to John, and how Dean really didn’t enjoy the Campbell family when he had the chance to meet them.

Why would the boys become like the counterparts that they disliked so much? Aside from the fact that it makes the fans crazy and leads us to write articles on how amazing the writers are, it just makes for damn good TV. I want to see the boys struggle with this new information about their past, especially Dean, who holds John on an extremely high pedestal, and basically worshiped the ground his father walked on.

What will happen when he really thinks about the fact that he is more like mommy than he wants to admit? And what will Sam take from following in John’s footsteps when all he tried to do was get out from under John’s thumb whenever he could?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new development, and what you think Sam and Dean will do with this new information about their past. What, if anything, will this mean for the boys? What does it mean for “The Winchester Legacy”? I want to hear from you! Let me know in comments!

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