NCIS Season 10 Review “Canary” – The Team Goes Farther Than Ever Before

NCIS Season 10 Episode 14 Canary

In this episode of NCIS, called “Canary,” the team captures the number two cyber terrorist in the world and use him to try and get to number one. Along the way, they go farther than they ever have before to get their man.

Okay so who else knew that the whole Gitmo thing was a set up from the beginning? I still have to get the show mad props for sticking with it for so long. When observed purely from Khan’s point of view, everyone played their roles perfectly, especially Tony and Ziva. In fact, those two did such a good job that I found myself wavering back and forth the entire episode; wondering if I was wrong and thinking that maybe, just maybe, they really were in Gitmo and there was a security breach. Tony getting shot was the final straw though. This show doesn’t tend to hurt their characters unless it’s really important, so that was a dead-giveaway that it wasn’t real.

Not that I’m knocking it for being fake. In fact, I found this to be one of the most fun episodes we’ve had in a while. Just because they had to make up a story, doesn’t mean that the target was any less important. Everything that they did, including the acting and role-playing, was extremely vital to finding the bad guy and I was just as nervous watching it all play out as if it had been real.

I’ve caught myself saying that a number of episodes this season have become some of my new favorites and I’m going to have to add this one to that growing list. Seems to me that NCIS is rocking season 10 and every episode is better than the last. That makes me very excited for the rest of this season.

My favorite bits..

Cracking up when Gibbs threw the trash at Khan.

Loving how well everyone was playing their parts. Not sure who I enjoyed more: Gibbs the homeless guy, Ziva the gossipy sexy girl, McGee the maintenance man or Tony, well, I guess Tony was just Tony in a garbage can.

“Next time you wear the heels.”
“Okay.” – And now I’m picturing Tony in heels.

“Feed me grapes, woman.”

Tony immediately running over to see what Kevin had handed to Ziva.

“That’s your era right? Old school?”
“Damn right.” – Gibbs is rocking my socks right now.

Gibbs playing dumb for Khan. Nice!

“I like your musk McGee.”

Finding out that one of the ingredients in Abby’s Grandpa’s homemade pomade included unleaded gasoline.

“Baby got backup, Gibbs.”

“From the ashes, McAbby will rise!”

Tony explaining to Ziva the difference between the “willies” and a “wet willy.”

“You on Twitter, Agent Gibbs? Because your speech patterns are already less than 140 characters.”

Gibbs hollering “McGee! You owe me twenty bucks, man!” That was awesome.

Loving that Tony asked for malt balls. I LOVE those things.

Gibbs and Ducky hollering at each other through the autopsy door.

Craig seeing Gibbs’ private “office” for the first time.

Tony taking Khan’s vomit like a champ. I mean, ew, but yay for Tony?

“So what do you say, Chaka Khan? Ready to roll over on MC Hammer?” – I wonder how long Tony was waiting to say that one?

“You don’t know much about music, do you?”
“I know it pretty much died around 1977.”

Learning a new rule. Rule 39A: No such thing (as a small world)

Abby having an earnest conversation with Bert, and Craig walking in.

Loving that Abby’s hair was just getting more and more epic as the episode progressed.

Tony proving how much balls they had, when he injected Khan. Whoa!

Totally knowing that this little “trip” to Gitmo is fake.

Tony and Ziva pointing out that they were long past caring about what was legal, since they’d already drugged Khan to get him there.

Tony called Khan “Mr. Orange.” Nice Reservoir Dogs reference. I bet Khan hopes he doesn’t end up like his namesake.

Tony being ordered to stay in the cell with Khan.

“Hey, do you have any snacks for the flight home?”

This set-up is getting more and more intense. I’m actually starting to believe Tony a little when he said the security breach was real.

“Don’t underestimate geeks with computers.”

This all would be so much cooler if it was real. Tony and Ziva stuck behind the gates in a Gitmo security breach with Tony shot in the leg? I bet someone has written that fanfiction story already. If not, I make take a crack at myself. That would make an awesome fic. Just sayin’.

Aha! There it is, Khan finally breaks.

“Who is this?”
“Someone smarter than you who’s about to hang up.” – Yes! Way to go, McGee!


“You know, Cuba’s colder than I remember.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Really good review over all; but you should really look up a 7th grade grammer book on the use of “through” vrs “threw”. “Cracking up when Gibbs through the trash at Khan.”

    • Mokibobolink

      Sorry but I have to giggle a bit at your spelling of “grammer”. My grammar is fine, thanks. I, like you, suffered a moment of typing too fast and ended up with an awful typo. See? It happens to the best of us. Thanks for pointing it out, it has now been fixed. 🙂

  • Shalise

    I love the little tidbits in your recaps! I liked that Ziva wasn’t fazed when Tony called her sexy and then said he’d wear the heels next time LOL

    • Mokibobolink

      Glad you enjoyed the favorite bits! Loved yours, too. Tony and Ziva were great in this episode.

  • Sam

    Not bad overview except your theory is flawed about them not “hurting their characters unless its important”. Gibbs got injured in season 6 while finding the mole in NCIS. McGee had a shard of glass in him at the start of this season. Gibbs has been hit by a car before. Vance was almost blown up as well as Gibbs back in season 3. Ducky got stabbed in his hand in season 6. Ziva was held captive and near death and almost got blown up too. Tony was drugged and held captive twice.Tony also received the plague near the end of season 2. So to assume they won’t hurt them is wrong. I did enjoy your quotes from the episode though!

  • Cami

    I think this was definitely one of my favorites in a long time. As much as I love character episodes, or relations episodes, I always love some 98% action/drama/crime and 2% SQUEEE/giggle episodes. I think they had a great balance between McAbby and Tiva moments (calling Ziva “sexy”, “McAbby will rise”, etc) and the procedural. I went back and forth a few times as well, but it wasn’t until they were willing to give up Khan that I knew for sure it was fake. I also loved your tidbit reviews as you watched the episode. 🙂

  • Kari

    I loved that episode! Every second of it, but was I the only one that Ziva was talking in short forms (have no idea how it’s called in Eng.) or was I hearing things? maybe I did cause I was watching with lektor…