Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Take Me Home, Country Roads” – Happy Birthday, Mr. Doctor-Man

Bluebell’s population went up by one when Brick’s nephew, Jonah, strolled back into town in “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. He was immediately drawn to Zoe, not just because of her short shorts, but because he’s a certified doctor himself. Just what the town needs…another medical professional and another candidate for Zoe’s hand.

For the time being, her hand pretty firmly belongs to Wade, but there’s still some tension there as Zoe finally started getting popular with the patients after saving the town from the flu, and didn’t want to stop working long enough to hop into bed with her boyfriend. It doesn’t help that she keeps putting her foot in her mouth whenever possible, in particular regarding Wade’s career or lack thereof. He’s getting better about riding out those awkward moments, but how long until they start to affect the relationship permanently? Especially if Jonah decides to stick around.

Because clearly there’s not much of a future for George and Zoe, an interesting decision, but an understandable one. There’s only so long a good-looking guy like George would stay single in a small town. Still, does he have to be regulated to the comedic C-story every week? Last episode it was his directorial debut; this week it was his adventures in babysitting Tansy’s dog. I let it slide ’cause we got to see him without his shirt on, but I do miss the days when he was a serious character.

Speaking of comedy, it was Brick’s birthday and Shelby wanted to help plan his party. However, Lemon and Magnolia were scheming to get rid of their father’s girlfriend, until Lemon felt guilty and decided to turn over a new leaf. Shelby ended up performing a very sexy dance for Brick at the party, but instead of turning patients against him, she got a hearty round of applause. Everyone loves a cute blonde in a sexy nurse outfit. Everyone except the Breeland sisters.

Lemon just wasn’t having a good week all around as, after much soul-searching and one self-diagnosis of VD that turned out to be a pimple, Annabeth confessed to her best friend that she’d slept with Lavon in spite of knowing Lemon’s feelings for him. Sick of trying to be a better version of herself, Lemon let her inner bitch out, prompting Annabeth to dump Lavon like a hot casserole dish.

I realize Lemon’s not used to world where she doesn’t occupy the center spot, and I appreciated her attempt to be a better example for her little sister, but as Annabeth has gradually moved into the spotlight, I’ve come to care about her a hell of a lot more than Lemon. I think it’s her wonderful way of hiding her snark behind her drawl. I want to see her with Lavon, so get out of the way, Lemon! You can’t have all the men!

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