Face Off Season 4 “Hell Freezes Over” & “Eye Candy” Review – Two Reviews In One!

FACE OFF -- Episode 404 - (Photo by: Nicole Wilder / Syfy

Hey there, Face Off fans! Sorry about the lack of review from last week with “Hell Freezes Over”, but don’t you worry – I’ll cover the high points as well as this week’s episode.

Last week, contestants were randomly assigned into pairs and had to create a character based on a demon from different cultures around the world. I was extremely excited for this challenge as I’m huge into mythology from other countries, and horror makeup is some of my favorite. Sadly, I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the pieces that the teams created.

I was sadly disappointed in “Pazuzu”, the demon that Autumn and Alex were given to work with. It was the one demon that I recognized, and could have been an awesome concept – if Autumn had the skill to sculpt her vision. the dog face concept was completely lost in the mess of wrinkles and poor painting, and the wings that were created and stuck on the back of the model were flat, looked broken, and left everything to be desired.

Anthony and Alam had the strongest piece with their Hindu demon “Deumus”. They took an approach that you don’t see often with demonic creatures and managed not only to make their character represent the culture from which it came, but succeeded in making her beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, she still looked demonic, and I never want to meet her in a dark alley, but there was a gracefulness to the piece that made me extremely happy when Anthony took the win.

Along with Autumn and Alex, Katie and Jenna found themselves in the bottom looks. Jenna and Katie really struggled with their idea, and the leg extensions that Jenna created worked in theory and in the sketch, but once they were actually created and on their model, they just basically looked like sticks attached to arms. There was nothing cohesive about the piece, and it looked like two different people worked on it without talking about concept or direction at all. This led Jenna to pack up her kit and brought us to tonight’s episode of Face Off.

In “Eye Candy”, the designers were asked to create a candy creature and to actually incorporate candy into their designs. Sounds pretty fun, right? Well, it seemed fun for some and extremely difficult for others. This was a solo challenge, and Eric Z gained immunity with his bearded lady from the foundation challenge.

He decided to take the approach of the witch from Hansel and Gretel, and ended up creating a pretty wicked piece for his character’s back. The gingerbread house was a great addition to the make up, and I think a great choice since Eric did have that immunity under his belt.

Following his concept, Jenna also worked on wicked creature. Instead of a witch, Jenna took the story of the tooth fairy and made an evil fairy that offers candy to children to rot their teeth, making it easier for said fairy to collect the molars. Gross. And a terrifying concept. Unfortunately, Jenna finds herself in the bottom with a flat paint job, and also a lack of candy incorporated into the design.

Autumn and Alex join Jenna in the bottom. Autumn didn’t seem too thrilled with this challenge from the get go, and struggled with her mold of a gummy bear face. The structure of her face continued to look too feline-esque, and even after changing it after Mr. Westmore offered some sound advice, the piece just wasn’t up to par with anything that I’ve seen on the Face Off stage. I’m not sure what she was thinking with the giant pink cotton candy looking wig, either… but since that wasn’t even mentioned by the judges, let’s move on.

Alex’s concept was over thought, and she pretty much had nothing to show for the three days that the designers had to work on their makeup. Using a beauty queen as her inspiration, Alex attempted to create a piece that showed the character had eaten too much candy, and the sugar was taking over, and pushing out of her skin. She had one prosthetic piece that was cast in silicone, and since it was the first time she’d worked with that material, the edges completely lifted while the model was on stage.

When Glenn can put his finger under a piece of silicone that is trying to be passed off as a make up – there are issues.

Needless to say, Alex left the Face Off cast tonight. I’m waiting for Autumn to make her exit as well – I’m not impressed with any of the work that she’s created and really think that the other contestants are more talented and have clearer visions.

In the top looks Kris, Alam, and House all took center stage. House’s design with the belly mouth was completely disturbing and will probably haunt my dreams for a few nights. I wasn’t too much of a fan on House’s make up. I understand that it takes time and dedication to create all of the casts that he did in three days, but the make up application – the actual paint job itself – looked incredibly messy and lazy to me.

Alam created an Anime inspired candy queen that actually turned out to look pretty cool. I wasn’t too sure of the paint over her model’s closed eye lids, but once I saw the entire package and understood where she was headed with the character, it all made sense. And she did incorporate the candy completely into her costume.

Kris made his Halloween, child eating candy monster pop amazingly off of the screen. Using the candy as his actual muscle base, fingernails, teeth, etc. The detail and attention to the minute structure of muscle and anatomy was just incredible. Glenn said it right – from far away the create was scary enough as a demon, but once you got up close to it and really studied the detail, it was amazing.

Kris walks away with a win, and rightly so.

Interestingly enough, I had high hopes for this cast of Face Off after the first episode. However, as the episodes progress and the designers are starting to find their footing and really try to showcase what they’re made of, I find myself being disappointed in choices, concepts, and ability to execute their ideas. What say you fellow Face Off fans? What are you thinking about season 4 so far?

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