Dallas Season 2 Review “Sins of the Father” – A Mother’s Love

I watch a lot of TV, so it’s rare to surprise me anymore, but the end of “Sins of the Father,” this week’s episode of Dallas, actually left me a little bit stunned. I’m used to seeing good guys go right up to the edge of doing something bad, but never crossing the line, so when Anne pulled a gun on the ex-husband who kidnapped and brainwashed their daughter, I didn’t really think she’d actually shoot him…until she totally did, following in the footsteps of the infamous Kristen who nearly took down JR back in the 80’s.

And, no, I was not named for her, but I sometimes wish I had been.

Ryland deserved to get shot. If he isn’t dead though, he’s going to wish he was if JR lives long enough to carry out his promise to Bobby to take care of him. That is the key to dealing with JR: give him something evil to do and it makes him so very happy. It won’t totally keep him from conspiring with his son to retake Ewing Energy by manipulating Sue Ellen (who should have known better) into calling in the loan she gave to Elena, but it does allow him to have a few seconds of humanity in an otherwise wasted life.

Poor Elena. John Ross cheats on her and she’s somehow to blame for their breakup? At least her brother rolled back into town with a plan to drill for oil in the name of their father; it could help pay off the loan Sue Ellen got way too bitchy about, but John Ross already has a plan to keep the Ramos kids from striking rich.

He’s also still in bed (both literally and figuratively) with Rebecca, who really ought to start looking a little more pregnant, especially if she’s carrying twins. More than that, she needs to start acting more pregnant, like not letting herself be tossed onto a bed for another hot morning tryst. I’m starting to wonder if she didn’t lose those babies on that vacation she took.

That would certainly make Christopher’s life a little less complicated. It seemed like he might have been given a break when the police, who were investigating Tommy’s disappearence, found blood in Rebecca’s condo, but even though a murder investigation is underway with Rebecca at the top of the suspect list, she’d already managed to get rid of Tommy’s sister, the one person who could have gotten Christopher his annulment.

But Rebecca needs to watch her back as JR pulled his puppet strings and successfully turned Barnes’ right hand man against her. He’s determined not to go down for the murder he only cleaned up, and the police are already against Rebecca after she tried to turn suspicion onto Christopher.

Lots of stuff going on, but the big question is whether Ryland survived and will Bobby take the rap for Anne. It’s exactly the sort of thing he would do, but JR promised him a masterpiece…and I have a feeling his last few episodes will be his finest.

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