2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Psychic Shakedown”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 15 And The Psychic Shakedown (3)

Things weren’t looking good for our “2 Broke Girls,” but, as it turns out they could be worse. Like poor Paul! Yikes! (More on that in a bit…) As we pick up the story, the girls are struggling more than ever trying to make ends meet, resorting to stealing ingredients and condiments and the like from their diner job to use as stock in their cupcake store. The tips aren’t helping much, either.

Max: “Well, here it is, my last tip- only two dollars. To think, I held in a fart for those cheap bastards.”

Stay classy, Max! Oleg is also holding something in, as he watches Caroline stuff her bra with…eggs?

Oleg: “Keep it up and we’ll finally have an answer to the question: ‘Which came first, the chicken or Oleg?’”

Caroline gets wind of a money grant they can possibly get for small businesses owned by women, but they need letters of recommendation from people that also own businesses that can vouch for them. Han balks at the letter Caroline writes on their own behalf and refuses to sign it, but Earl forges his signature. They also seek out Candy Andy for another signature, but, alas, Andy has left the building. Neither of the girls is thrilled, especially Max, whose candy fix is now without an active donor.

Caroline: “Forget the candy. Are we not gonna talk about the fact that my ex-boyfriend left without so much as a peep?”
Max: “Great. Now I want Peeps.” (You and me both, sister. Bring on Easter!)

Next door shop owner Amir confirms that Andy stole away like a thief in the night to avoid Caroline. He and Max exchange some hilariously inappropriate culture-clash humor as they mock-flirt.

Amir: “Hey Max, is today the day we’re going to get married?
Max: “Sure, Amir. My dream in life is to be detained for four hours on our honeymoon flight.”
Amir: “Max, you do know I was born in this country, right?”
Max: “You were born here? How old are you? About Zero Dark Thirty?” (My favorite line of the night, by a mile.)

Drowning her sorrows in a psychic who senses an easy mark, Caroline blows about fifty bucks on a reading and a protective crystal, which Max is none too pleased about: “You spent that much on a crystal you can’t snort?” She demands they return to the scene of the crime and get Caroline’s money back. The psychic isn’t pleased with that, either and curse the two girls, which Max balks at.

Psychic: “Laugh, buster. Nothing in life will go your way and you will live under a dark cloud.”
Max: “Will this dark cloud merge with the current dark cloud above me, or fly alongside of it?”

What ends up flying alongside our girls is a body! As soon as they step out of the psychic’s, the aforementioned Paul seemingly commits suicide by leaping off the building, though it later turns out to be drugs gone bad. Questionable jokes follow, as the psychic also predicts snow.

Max: “It’s not going to snow. At most, it’s gonna rain 30-year old dudes.”

Needless to say, things continue to go wrong for the girls, and after Sophie puts the fear of curses into their heads, they eventually cave and pay off the psychic to remove the course. Interestingly, the fortune teller offers up a free reading and predicts Caroline will be a great success- but will die alone. (Gee- thanks for nothing, psychic!)

Meanwhile Max will supposedly find love and settle down and raise a family. Um, is she sure she’s got the right girl? Love, sure- but kids? I don’t think she’s ready for that just yet. Of course, they could be telegraphing the ending of the show- though, does anyone really want to see Caroline die alone at the end of the series? Yikes, weren’t “Seinfeld” and the gang ending up in prison on the finale of that show bad enough?

The girls, shorn of the alleged “curse,” don’t exactly find their luck is turning around upon leaving the psychic, when they discover two postmen hauling off a mailbox that is being taken out of the neighborhood- the very same mailbox Caroline mailed the letter applying for the grant in. Citing “email” as the reason (!), it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t deliver whatever mail was in there, even if the box was being taken off the street, but I digress- it’s TV.

Mailman: “Sorry, doll. This box has been out of commission all week.”
Max: “According to a psychic, her box is gonna be out of commission forever.”

Ah…leave it to Max to find the humor in dying alone. This was a somewhat grim, but reasonably amusing episode of the show. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wasn’t laughing throughout, but thinking about it later, I was like, wow, drug-induced suicide and a main character being told she would die alone: not exactly your typical sitcom fodder.

Whatever the case, it was sad to see Andy go more definitively. I guess actor Ryan Hansen landed another gig. (Imdb.com list one of his upcoming projects to be a feature-film version of his former TV-show “Party Down,” for those who remember that, from 2009-10. Now if we could just get that long-proposed “Veronica Mars”-movie going…) I find it hard to believe that Caroline won’t eventually get another love interest. We’ll see.

What did you think of the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls”? Sad to see Andy go? Feel that the swan-diving Paul bit was a bit much? Dubious of the psychic’s predictions as well? Let me know in the comments!