Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Carl Gets A Roommate”

Mike & Molly Season 3 Episode 13 Carl Gets a Roommate (2)

In this latest episode of Mike & Molly, Carl gets a roommate while Mike loses an eyebrow. Yes, an eyebrow! After deciding to work as a team on revamping the cellar into more comfortable quarters, Mike and Molly go to work. Unfortunately the duo end up creating quite a mess as they struggle through home improvements that the Three Stooges may have had better luck with.

While Molly attempts to glue wood paneling to the cellar walls she accidentally gets her glove stuck. The incident ends in a series of accidents that not only rips the paneling off but causes a squirting glue gun with a glove stuck to Mike’s face. In the end Mike undergoes a wax job that he soon won’t forget. The episode triggers a running Molly who takes off to make an injured Mike a sandwich.

Mike and Vincent’s attempts were equally horrific. With big gaps between paneling, the two get more arguing done than renovations. Fortunately, Mike gets help from a feuding Carl and Samuel, who in an interesting twist become unexpected roommates. With Carl’s grandmother pushing him to grow up and Samuel stuck in an unhappy situation, the two find themselves bosom buddies. But not without a few fights as they try to get comfortable together.

Used to his grandmother chasing after him, Carl is a pathetic mess and the roommate from hell wrapped into one. After trying to get into the good graces of his grandmother however, he realizes its time to grow up when her only offer is Sunday dinner. As usual the characters of ‘Mike & Molly’ manage to patch things up after one hilarious episode of back and forth antics and accidents with the wall finally built!

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