HBO Plans Early Premiere For ‘Girls’ & ‘Enlightened’

The Lena Dunham series Girls is currently airing its latest episode, entitled ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’, in advance due to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3rd. As shared by EW, HBO wanted to make the show available to its fans who might be torn between the ladies and one of the biggest nights of the football.

The network has also made the Laura Dern series Enlightened’s episode ‘Follow Me’ available to its fan base early as well. Viewers can watch the duo via On Demand and HBO Go on their desktops. HBO then plans to air both ‘Girls’ and ‘Enlightened’ on back to back nights on the network. On February 2nd the shows will air at 10pm and 10:30pm. As for February 3rd, both will air in their usual time slots of 9pm and 9:30 pm.

‘Girls’ is currently airing its second season and was recently renewed for a third year. Meanwhile, ‘Enlightened’ is airing its freshman season with a second season on the way. Let us know what you think fan. Are you happy to see the HBO hit dramas getting special treatment? Leave us your comments below.