Suits Season 2 Review “Zane Vs. Zane”- Battles and Truces All Around

Suits Season 2 Episode 13 Zane Vs. Zane

In this episode of Suits, called “Zane Vs. Zane,” Rachel’s father proves what a jerk he can be, Louis battles with the new associate, and Harvey and Jessica continue to protect their firm from vultures.

It was great to meet Rachel’s dad in this episode and now I feel like I finally understand why she was terrified to take her LSATs, and why she keeps her father’s identity on the DL at work. That man is a jerk, plain and simple. Sure, they pretty much made up at the end and I was glad to see father and daughter reconcile some of their issues. But that doesn’t change everything that he tried to do in the course of the case, to Jessica, to Harvey, and finally it doesn’t change the fact that he has now sent their old enemy, Daniel Hardman, after them.

I did love that no one backed down from Robert, no matter how hard he tried to rattle them. And speaking of not backing down, I thought Louis’ storyline with Katrina was fantastic. I know he started it and for all intents and purposes he was being a bully, but I can’t help it; when somebody goes after Louis, I immediately find myself on his side. But though I did root for him, I also appreciated how she managed to get his goat a few times. Though no one did that better than Harvey and Donna in the end. Harvey may have put up the mug shots, but I am convinced that it was Donna who glued his pants to his chair. The pure joy on his face when he realized who was behind the jokes was classic; like a kid on Christmas morning.

Overall this was another good episode and I have a feeling that next week is going to be even more intense with the return of Hardman.

My favorite bits….

Yes! Paper basketball HORSE game. That is classic.

“You two are playing horse when one of you should be thanking me.”
“Thank you.”

Poor Rachel. That had to be the worst birthday lunch ever.

Louis camping out in Katrina’s desk and clipping..I mean sculpting his nails.

“I don’t need a babysitter.”
“You’re not getting a babysitter, you’re getting Louis Litt.”

“Why don’t you just call him ‘Dad’ and get it over with?”

The entire conversation with Harvey and Mike about not ending up in bed with Rachel, but on the couch and how that wasn’t respectful to anyone, including the couch. Classic.

Donna telling Kristina that wanting to throw Louis through a plate glass window wasn’t an entirely unprecedented reaction.

“He negotiates like a girl.”
“No, he doesn’t, but he does style his hair like one.”

Louis in an apron. Methinks he’s going to have me laughing hysterically in every scene in this episode.

Kristina calling Louis a “white collar genius.” Oh yes, looks like Donna taught her well. I wonder what she’s got up her sleeve?

Harvey telling Rachel that her father cares about her more than she knows. Whoa.

“The relevant question is: what is she going to think of you after you eviscerate Sloane Moseley?”

Mike standing up to Robert. Nice!

Rachel getting pissed that Mike protected her, but it turning out that he was actually protecting their client.

“Here it comes, speech number 162: 14 reasons why I’m an asshole.” – Anyone else want to hear the list now?

Mike pointing out that Harvey was usually accusing him of making things personal, but now Harvey was the one doing it. Good point.

Okay, so where’s the list of 14 reasons why Robert Zane is an asshole? ‘Cause I’ve got a few points I’d like to add.

“Would you like to eat my bagel now, too?” – And she tries to eat it?? Oh, Rachel.

How do I know that Katrina turning down those files is going to bite her in the ass? Oh yes!

PLEASE someone tell me that those pics of Louis photoshopped as presidents are going to be available online.

Rachel didn’t tell her father that she passed her LSATS?

Rachel telling the story about father giving her the “Number two ain’t bad” speech. Ouch.

“He’s never going to see a different side of you if you don’t show him that different side of you.”

“Yeah I’m afraid I’m not letting anything go until that woman kneels before Zod.” – Damn straight!

Whoa, so Louis didn’t take Harvey ripping up his letter without a word the same way that I did. Interesting.

Finding out that Louis considered all the ribbing he got from Harvey and Donna as a sigh of respect. Aw.

Poor Harvey, can the man not eat a bagel in peace?

The look on Louis’ face when he got slammed on the table by the security guard.

Rachel’s father admitting that watching her fail and beat herself up was killing him inside.

“You treated me like shit because I’m a woman.”
“How dare you, I worship women.”

Louis loves Gwen Stefani, too? Yep, he’s the perfect man.

Louis finally admitting to Katrina why he had been attacking her, and the two of them declaring a truce.

Jessica handing Robert that press release. Yes!

“I would rather lose my firm, than get married staring down the barrel of a shotgun.”

Louis walking into his office to find all of his mug shots hanging up in his office. His “Holy shit!” cracked me up so hard.

Aw, Harvey is messing with Louis again. The look of joy on his face when he found out was was his happiness at discovering that his pants had stuck to his chair.

Rachel and her dad making up.

Mike framing Rachel’s LSAT score. Aw.

Mike and Donna making up, too.

Harvey and Jessica getting into an Untouchables quote-fest.

Yep, I KNEW he was going to say Daniel Hardman. Oh crap…

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Tasha

    Great episode! I laughed so hard at the Louis vs Katrina storyline– but the Harvey/Donna prank was the PERFECT capper to it. And YES, not only are the President Louis images online, but so are all the mug shot memes:


    Loved the General Zod references too. A little surprised that Donna was shocked at Louis knowing Zod, though.

    Great review– agree with you on all counts. And wow, Rachel must have been really hungry to not have picked up on Harvey’s sarcasm there. *giggles* I can’t believe she actually took the bagel out of his hand.

    I was confused on one point though… when Jessica agreed with Harvey that they were going to “go big” against all those attacking them, was she agreeing to making him managing partner? I hope not, because her point about him not having great leadership qualities is absolutely true. He is an incredibly polarizing figure, especially within his own firm and purposely antagonistic.

    • Mokibobolink

      Loved your favorite bits, too and I did see the all mug shot and president pics online. Classic.

      As for your question, the impression I got was that her comment was about deciding to take on each case individually and sending out the press release (or at least preparing it, I’m still not sure if she sent it out) saying that they were going to do just that. Robert was hoping they were going to back down and she and Harvey decided they weren’t going to.

      • Tasha

        Ah ok, thanks! And yeah, I think the press release was just prepared at that point… anyway, nice twist on how they’re bringing Hardman back!