Revenge Season 2: The Lives of the Hamptonites

Revenge Season 2 Episode 9 Revelations (10)

The second season of Revenge got off to a rocky start last fall; and when the drama returned from its holiday hiatus, fans all over the globe were hoping that the series would make a reversal toward what made the show so special during its debut season.

That hasn’t necessarily been the case just yet; but let’s take a look at where the show stands:

VICTORIA AND CONRAD: They are still in their fake marriage; and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) is back in the Hamptons (for whatever reason), working alongside Mr. Grayson in his bid for a political position. Meanwhile, Victoria had a tryst with businessman Jason Prosser (guest star Dylan Walsh) in a bid to stop Daniel (Josh Bowman) from getting any closer to the Initiative.

DANIEL: He took over the reins, forcibly, from his dad at the corporation; and attempted to rekindle his relationship with Emily (Emily VanCamp). He also doesn’t trust his mother (and rightfully so, correct?) and is getting entirely too close to Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson), which could spell trouble for him the same way it nearly did for his parents. Who will the patsy be for him the way David Clarke was for the elder Graysons?

FAUXMANDA AND JACK: Fauxmanda survived her fall from the Grayson’s staircase and they are now the parents a bouncing baby boy they named Carl after Jack’s late father. And, with the baptism out of the way (with Emily as godmother) and an ever-drawing-closer wedding coming up, it is going to be interesting to see what happens next; especially given the trailers that have aired showing Emily’s reaction to the couple’s presumed beach wedding.

JACK AND DECLAN: They are dealing with the Ryan brothers (Michael Trucco and J.R. Bourne) literally taking over the bar, sneaking drugs into the coffee; and when Declan (Connor Paolo) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) attempt to set them up, Jack ends up taking the fall to save his little brother. But enter Conrad Grayson to get Jack out of jail and try to chase them off; but the elder Ryan brother makes Conrad an offer he can’t refuse that could spell more trouble for the Porter brothers and all the business owners along the waterfront.

NOLAN AND PADMA: They have been an on-again off-again couple since Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) came on the scene, jumping into the position of CFO until Nolan (Gabriel Mann) – recently – discovered that she is the one – not former flame Marco (E.J. Bonilla) – actually working for the Initiative. Nolan has also moved out of Emily’s place, getting his own thanks to Padma; but the aftermath of what she is really doing through the Initiative is going to come back to bite her, for sure.

EMILY AND AIDEN: They faked a break-up so that Emily could get closer to Daniel and worked together to make a veiled move on Helen and the Initiative; but once Helen revealed that Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) sister was actually alive only to give a fatal overdose, Aiden is furious with Emily.

THE AMANDA: Jack’s ship has been the focus of much debate since the season premiere, given the fact it was seen underwater with an unknown trapped victim found inside by research divers. Who is the man in the white jacket, wearing a wedding ring that ended up at the bottom of the ocean? Or, could there possibly another victim also on the boat? Hopefully we will get an answer in during February sweeps!

WHAT’S YET TO COME?: Emily’s mommy dearest, Kara Wallace Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is reportedly coming back to the Hamptons (even if that is the last thing the fans want) and that could only spell trouble for the Graysons and Emily in the long run. British actor Burn Gorman (‘Torchwood’) will be making an appearance on the show as a member of the Initiative (can we, please, be done with this “nefarious” group and get back to Emily taking the rest of the people down who ruined her life and set her father up?). He will play Trask, a representative of the group who was, at one time, aligned with Conrad and Victoria. There are also plans to introduce Nolan’s mother, although no casting announcements have been made as to which actress has landed the role. And, plans are currently on hold to meet Conrad’s son from his first marriage and series creator Mike Kelley claims that the show is “going back to basics”, resetting itself to the origins of the series. But, there has been little seen of that since the holiday break, but hopefully that will change soon.

‘Revenge’ will be back with new episodes on ABC starting on Sunday, February 10 at 9/8c so make sure to tune in to see what happens next.