Nikita Season 3 Review “Survival Instincts”

Nikita Season 3 Episode 9 Survival Instincts (2)

Everyone is still reeling from Michael’s accident in this week’s Nikita, ‘Survival Instincts’, and Nikita has to ask herself whether having Owen as her partner in the field in the next best thing to working with her fiancé.

Michael is still working the cases from back at the base, and I have to say I enjoyed this new dynamic a lot. Taking Alex out of the equation (which she currently is), now there are two agents in the field and two back home, with Michael training Owen up to his best standard just in case it becomes a permanent arrangement. There’s a sense that he’s given up, and he tells Nikita that he wants to stay behind even after he’s gained the full use of his bionic hand. I don’t really buy that this state of the art technology wouldn’t allow him to get back in fighting shape, but I guess it’s more psychological than anything else.

But just as Nikita has half-accepted that this is the way things might be from now on, Birkoff drops a bomb. He might be able to get Michael’s hand back in a literal sense, and we’re left with that juicy piece to information to ponder on. Does this mean that things will just revert back to normal, or will there be some residual trauma left to plague our central couple? When a show like this changes to this extent, it’s very exciting, and I hope this whole storyline isn’t forgotten about within a few short weeks. He can still take down Nikita with one hand behind his back, after all.

Hearing about the wounded soldier, Sean comes back to Division to check on Michael. Alex isn’t too happy to see him after their last awkward encounter, but there’s a reconciliation that ends with a rare steamy encounter. Despite the nature of their undercover jobs and the sheer attractiveness of the main cast, sex doesn’t come into Nikita very often, and it’s nice to see Alex finally getting some. Her speech to Sean about not being most people was great, and immediately brought us back to her vulnerable side. That girl has been through hell and back, so Sean should cut her a bit of slack when it comes to her immediate reactions.

I realize I haven’t even mentioned the case, which tells you how much more interesting the personal storylines were this week. A dirty thirty agent kidnaps his ex-wife and plans to hide her in the woods, but the new partnership of Owen and Nikita brings him down with the help of Sean. Like most of the weekly storylines, it’s entertaining enough, but didn’t have the personal resonance with the main characters that some of the other cases have had.

What did you think of the episode? How is Birkoff going to get Michael’s hand back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.