Glee Season 4 Review “Naked”

After panning last week’s Sadie Hawkins episode so horribly, I have to admit that this week’s Glee, ‘Naked’, was ever-so-slightly superior. It’s sad that in this particular era of the show, that doesn’t mean it’s as good as Glee can get, but it at least didn’t make my skin crawl with embarrassment.

It did make the New Directions boys’ skin crawl, though, as the newly reinstated glee club decide to make and sell a sexy calendar in order to raise money for Regionals. Because it’s considered bad form to objectify women, now, we have to focus solely on the men, and Sam’s spectacularly low SAT scores lead him to overcompensate. I actually liked Sam’s storyline this week, and it’s telling that Blaine was the one to comfort him, and not Brittany. I feel like the show is leaning towards making these two a potential couple, but I just love them as close friends right now. It’s a real male/male camaraderie that has been missing from the show for a long time.

Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel has to decide whether to do a student film in which she will have to appear topless. While I loved that she sung Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’, and she sung it beautifully, it seemed a little rushed to me. Surely this would have been better placed later in the episode? It’s a good storyline for the newly confident Rachel to navigate, and I wish the show would have given it more time. In other news, Brody has indeed moved into the loft with them, and Kurt is less than thrilled with the new arrangement. I sense a falling out is on the horizon.

Kurt does call Santana and Quinn for a girly intervention, though, and it was really nice to see them both. I miss the old cast so much and just seeing the three of them sing together again was glorious. Santana even muses about possibly moving to New York, which would be amazing. Will we start seeing more of her? I really hope so, even if some of the other graduates are being phased out.

Happy couples have been a bit thin on the ground lately, but Jake and Marley are completely blissed out this week. I might not have been on board with these two the whole time, but I have to admit that, now they’re officially together, it’s just lovely. They got a duet with ‘A Thousand Years’ and a solo with ‘Let me Love You’, and their timid courtship was really my highlight of the episode. Sadly, now that they’ve said those three little words and solidified the relationship, the rules of television dictate that something will come along to tear them apart. Let’s enjoy them until that happens.

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