Whitney Season 2 Review “Sorry!”

If you’d expect anybody to be making amends on “Whitney,” it would be Whitney herself, but instead she found herself on the receiving end of a former boyfriend gone straight, who was making the apology tour rounds to say he was “Sorry!” for the various crap he’s caused when he was drinking and what have you. Alex was not pleased with this development, and tried to talk her out of it.

Alex: “Will you please tell Whitney that seeing her ex is a bad idea?”
Roxanne: “Oh, that guy’s allowed to have visitors now?”

This turned out not to be a jailbird, but a bit of a douche bag, who had some pretty nasty requests for Whit.

Roxanne: “The guy wanted her to get breast implants.”
Alex: “Whit, this guy sounds terrible- although he does make two valid points.”

Alex finally relents and lets the two meet on his watch.

Alex: “I’m going to be watching him like an eagle.”
Whitney: “Isn’t it ‘hawk’?”
Alex: “No. That’s exactly what he’ll be expecting.”

The guy does in fact turn out to be a piece of work, who makes apologies that mostly seem pretty back-handed. Alex finally has enough, but freezes when the guy insults him and all but dares him to start something. This causes an existential crisis for Alex, who is determined to reclaim his power by seeking out Nate and going off on him for his treatment of everyone.

Finding him working at a New Age-y type shop, Alex confronts him while Whitney casually shoplifts anything she can get away with. Nate picks up on the wandering and cracks wise on it.

Nate: “She does that- she’s like a toddler at a carnival…bless her heart.”
Alex: “Listen, Whitney does not have a heart, so don’t try and bless it.”

Having had quite enough of Nate, Alex “faces” the poor guy, aka “mushes” him, which is basically face palming someone to the ground. Whitney is bemused, but Alex is still furious.

Alex: “If you ever contact Whitney again, I will push you down the 12 steps.”

Whitney continues to process back at the apartment.

Whitney: “You mushed him in the face! That is so much worse than being punched. As a man, when that happens to you, I think you literally stop producing sperm.”

All’s well that ends well, though and Whitney got some decent closure. Not so lucky are Mark and Roxanne, who still can’t seem to get together. Oh well, now she knows that her feelings are mutual, so there’s that. We’ll see what develops in the weeks to come.

All in all, a decent episode, with a fairly original twist of the old plotline about amends-making turned on its head when the AA member ends up being such an A-A-hole. What did you think? Have you ever face-palmed someone? Do you want to see Mark and Rox together? Or should she outsource a new BF? Let me know in the comments!