5 Reasons You Should be Watching Person of Interest

Reese, Finch, Fusco, Carter and Bear - Person of Interest

Person of Interest, which airs on Thursday nights on CBS, is currently in its second season. The most recent break ends this week, with a new episode airing at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, on January 31. If you have not yet seen this program, you really should give it a try!

I have been watching it since it premiered its first episode, and have found it to be engrossing and entertaining. It has become one of my “must see” programs. I started watching it because the premise seemed interesting and I was curious. But, the longer I watched it, the more I liked it! Here are some of the reasons I think you should consider watching it.

Something Different

Fusco - Person of Interest

Where else on TV can you get a mixture of spies, crime drama and sci-fi, all with a twist? Yes, that is what you get on Person of Interest! The main character, Reese, is a former Green Beret and CIA operative. He now works clandestinely with two police detectives, Carter and Fusco, for a reclusive billionaire, Finch. Finch created a “machine” that is able to predict violent crimes via surveillance of everyone, 24/7. Big Brother sees all, as Orwell predicted! Oh, and the twist? Finch and his team are trying to prevent violent crimes before they happen!

Layered Characters

Carter, Fusco and Reese - Person of Interest

The characters on this show are many layered, and we are seeing that as the writers slowly reveal new information about each as the episodes go by. Personally, I like this method. I enjoy the guessing and wondering, although sometimes I admit to getting frustrated at not knowing more, faster – but then you must understand that I am the type of person that turns to the end of a book and reads it before starting the rest.

Great Writing

Finch and Bear - Person of Interest

I will admit that the plot on this show sometimes gets complicated, especially since there are multiple subplots running through it. So, there are times you really need to pay attention or you miss something important. But, if you are just casually watching it, there is plenty of material there to entertain and the writers are top notch at interweaving the different threads of the various stories in a fast paced and entertaining manner.

Action Packed

Reese - Person of Interest

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this show is for you! It is action packed from the start to the finish. And, for those of you that are not adrenaline junkies, there are slower parts, and even humorous moments to relive the tension amongst all the action.

Interesting Team

Finch, Fusco, Carter and Reese - Person of Interest

It took a while, but this group of 4 people works very well as a team. The first season was spent setting them up to work together smoothly. In fact, during the first season, Carter was trying to catch Reese, since he is after all acting as a vigilante! And Fusco was only working for Reese because he was being blackmailed by him. Considering all that, the fact that they now work together is astonishing! They have grown to trust each other.

The newest member of the team is Bear, the dog Reese liberated from a group of White Supremacists. He is now Finch’s faithful companion, after starting out with a bit of a rocky/slobbery relationship.


So, will you give Person of Interest a try? Please let me know! Also, if you have any other reasons to watch I may have missed, please be sure to tell me in the comment section below – I love discussing this show.