White Collar Season 4 Review “Brass Tacks” – An Accident Leads to Many Consequences

White Collar Brass Tacks Season 4 Episode 12

In this episode of White Collar, called “Brass Tacks,” Neal and Peter find another person connected to Neal’s father, and they both discover the harsh realities of what can happen when going after somebody that highly connected.

Before this episode aired, I was guessing what would happen judging by the preview and I had convinced myself that Peter’s accident would turn out to be nothing. After all, this show has been very good in the past at setting up something to look extremely serious and then not following through. But I guess I should have known that this time that wouldn’t be the case. After all, USA Network has really upped their game recently and had some fairly serious stuff go down on other series like Royal Pains and Burn Notice.

So, as it turned out, Peter’s accident played a fairly large role in this episode. First up, it proved to everyone just how big the stakes are in this game. Peter had been warned about what kind of danger he was in, but he of course kept right on pushing. As he told Neal in the end, that’s what he does and I was glad to see that, once Peter woke up, he was ready to get back in the game almost immediately. Heck, he even took part in the case involving Edwards and helped out with its resolution from his hospital bed. Talk about a tough guy.

The other thing that Peter’s accident did was bring us another level of deception between Peter, Neal and now Elizabeth. On the one hand, I keep thinking it kind of sucks that there will be lies between Neal and Peter; especially after they had just gotten to the point of being honest with each other again. But the other part of me is intrigued to see how this will play out with Elizabeth being a part of the dishonesty now. We’ve seen how mad Peter has gotten at Neal for lying to him, I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out that his wife is in on it, too.

Finally, it may not be directly related, but the case that led to Peter’s accident also led to Hughes getting forced into early retirement. I’m curious to see who will take over his job and if the next Special Agent in Charge is going to somehow be under Pratt’s thumb and cause even more trouble for Peter and Neal.

My favorite bits..

“So we let Mozzie run with the key.”
“You want to rephrase?”

Mozzie referring to Jones as “muscled excess baggage.”

Mozzie and Jones working together? Oh, this is going to get so good.

This entire exchange:
“The key stays with Jones at all times.”

“Okay give me the key.”
“Not a chance, Tiny.” – And so it begins.

Neal calling the Senator’s secretary so he could sneak a peek at the schedule.

Was it just me or did the secretary totally sneak a look at Neal’s butt when he walked away?

“You ready to take down a giant?”
“Grab your slingshot.”

“You know you’re like a hot, Deepok Chopra?”

Elizabeth asking if Peter going after Pratt was about helping Neal or catching the bad guy.

Neal’s shock that Peter had never had a traditional shave.

“Diana, how are you with a straight razor?”
“Better than Sweeney Todd.”

Neal’s phone ringing while in the Senator’s hand, and the fact that Mozzie was able to come up with something to talk to him that fast.

Jones’ reaction to having to say “The Keymaster.”

“He should have paid you with a straighjacket.” “Already have one, Wingtips.”

I know I saw it in the commercial, but still…Ahh! Poor Peter.

“Peter would do anything to help you, and this is what he gets?”

Elizabeth breaking down when she told Neal about what it was like to hear that her husband was in an accident.

“If you have to lie to his face to keep him safe, you better damn well lie to his face.” – WOW.

Mozzie offering his spleen to Peter.

“So far, this investigation has put my best agent in the hospital.”
“We’ll make sure it wasn’t for nothing.”

Mozzie agreeing to give up something important because Neal risked his bond with “the suit,” who in turn risked his life. Aw.

“I’m not a stalker, I’m a stylist.” – Brilliant. Loving Diana in this episode.

Neal barely making it to the elevator in time. Whew!

Peter’s “Hi, hon” when he woke up.

“Okay, you know what? You’ve got your weird baby, now it’s our turn.”

“That’s it? I sacrificed my first born for this?”

Mozzie catching Zimmer switching out the keys.

Haha! I love that Jones wasn’t fooled by Zimmer or Mozzie.

Neal giving Peter “Beer of the Month Club” and Mozzie giving him a sling with a fake arm in it.

Peter solving the case from his bed, with his fake arm = classic.

Elizabeth and Peter watching Pratt’s camera feed and seeing Neal. Uh oh.

“You destroyed my family 30 years ago; I’m not going to let you do it again.”

“If anyone can get the bastard, it’s you.”

Being surprised at how emotional I got when Hughes was leaving.

“You’re a real son of a bitch, Neal. But you’re the best damn son of a bitch I’ve ever seen.”

Peter telling Neal that going after the Senator was personal for him now, too.

Neal silently agreeing with Peter after he said that’s what he did: catch criminals.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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