Happy Endings Season 3 Review “The Marry Prankster” & “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 12 & 13 "The Marry Prankster; Our Best Friend's Wedding" (3)

Happy Endings is back! While we might not be able to tell from one week to the next how many episodes of the show we’re going to get (if any at all), we can be glad of last night’s glorious double bill which saw ever-lonesome Penny actually score a fiancé!

But before we get there, ‘The Marry Prankster’ sees Dave prank Max with a meticulously set-up fake lottery win. After getting far too passionate about his new status as “not the poorest one anymore”, he vows revenge on each and every one of them. Penny gets slimed, Brad has stripper glitter mixed into his face cream and Alex, unable to take the suspense for long, hacks off one side of her own hair.

Brad also has a new job as a CFO (Chief Fun Officer) at children’s soft play area, which isn’t exactly what Jane had in mind. These two are the greatest thing on my telly right now, and I’m sure Brad’s new professional will be a goldmine for funny situations across the rest of the season. This whole first-half was as entertaining as Happy Endings gets, and might actually be one of the strongest episodes they’ve ever done.

The personal touches to the individual pranks were hilarious, and the final revelation that Alex was the real mastermind was spot on: “she’s not as dumb as she is.” That girl scares me a little bit, and the rest of the gang should watch their backs.

But the biggest news is the rock on Penny’s finger, as Pete still steps up amidst all of the crazy pranks (including getting stuck to a toilet seat). The fact that he’s still keen when her friendship group is this crazy proves he could really fit into the show, and it’s so sweet to see how happy everyone is for her. I just hope he isn’t a temporary addition to their lives, since any scenario in which he leaves now would mean serious heartbreak for Penny. No one wants to see that, even if it means the love triangle emerges again in its place.

The second part of the night’s hour-long slot (RIP Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23), ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding,’ involves a “classic group gang hang,” when Jane takes the soon-to-be-happy couple to a wedding expo. Pete wants to elope after seeing his brother get lost in all of his own wedding planning, but the fact that Penny has always dreamed of a big, lavish wedding causes some friction in their otherwise frighteningly stable relationship.

Jane’s threats to be their wedding planner doesn’t help matters, of course, and Dave and Alex are forced to relive their own botched vows three years ago. While this second episode might not have been as strong as the first, it was still solid. Having two helpings of Happy Endings is always a treat, but I just wish that ABC would sort out their scheduling. I can’t imagine casual viewers ever being able to keep up with the ever-changing appearances of this brilliant show, and it must be hurting the ratings as a result.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Penny and Pete will actually make it to the alter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.