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This week’s Emily Owens, MD, “Emily and the Perfect Storm,” got me. It was one of those great examples of what a medical drama can really be when even the smallest amount of true emotion is put into the script and the performances. I know I’m not alone in my feelings about this show, and thank you all so much for speaking up in support of it, but we have come down to the final two episodes. So…thank whoever is listening that we at least got to see Micah kiss Emily!!

Oh, and we also got to see Cassandra totally dump Will for being friends with Emily and for not, I don’t know, ignoring every other woman in his life? That’s what it sounded like to me. He picked her over Emily (several times, as I recall), but that wasn’t good enough. Whether it’s a real victory like getting the research assistant position or a shallow one like Will being bothered when he found out Emily was over him, she just cannot stand Emily ever, ever winning, can she?

But back to Micah because Cassandra makes me angry…he finally worked up the nerve to make his move on Emily after a particularly grueling day in the hospital when a bus crash during a snowstorm left them short-staffed and immersed in utter bloody chaos. I can’t pick which story touched me the most; they were all equally emotional. The blind man’s dog, the poor father who lost his wife in childbirth (although it was good to see that the old medical drama cliche…if you’re too happy and excited about a pregnancy, you will die…still holds true), the war hero, the girl in pre-med who lost her arm…it was just a great night for medical pathos.

And at the end of it all, the whole hospital went out to a bar, and because life is short and unpredictable, Micah laid one on Emily. She was shocked, but it was exactly what she needed at that moment, because only seconds later Will interrupted to announce that he and Cassandra broke up. I was so terrified that Emily would do something, say something, have some sort of look come over her face that would make Micah back-track, but fortunately Tyra jumped in before she could. (In order to get her father to treat her like an adult, Tyra decided to move out of the house, and into Emily’s apartment.)

So, Emily was left dazed and maybe a little confused, but definitely with a new reason to go to work. It’s just too bad that unless the writers scrambled to end the series with some sort of resolution, we’ll likely never know which couple emerged from this messed up little triangle. We can only hope it was Micah. Because Micah is cute and sweet and it didn’t take him five years to recognize Emily’s awesomeness.

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  • Love Emily

    wow this was an emotional episode! Was so frustrated at the end. Emily is always being stepped on and Will is totally selfish. So is Tyra! Everyone is just using Emily! Ugh. And I hate Cassandra! She makes my blood boil!
    Love Micah and Emily together tho, hope we can see them come together at the end…

  • Salsita

    I loved this episode because of its intense emotionality…it was a perfect blend of heart-wrenching scenes mixed with tender moments too. So glad Micah kissed Emily at the end and she most definitely kissed him back! I really hope she ends up with Micah because he has always had feelings for her just as she is. Plus, I think Will has shown preference for Cassandra over Emily too many times (Emily and the Teapot…when Bendari told Emily she would be the new research assistant) and that Will should bow out of the picture and let Emily be with Micah. Is this show really ending?! I heard rumors that it was but CW just said the season was ending so I thought it was coming back…

  • quina

    I really hope emily ends up w micha

  • lemony iris

    i don’t understand why they’re cancelling it, its way better than greys in my opinion!!!

  • it just makes me so damn sad that they cancelled this show… please please please let another network pick it up. What is wrong with the CW, they don’t promote the right shows, instead we get 50million commercials for the teenagers all screwing each other shows, but the great, well written dramas like this one get no promotion.

    I hope they give us closure and Micah and Emily get together and who cares about the others!

  • Julie

    MICAH! MICAH! MICAH!!!!!! MICAH all the way! MICAH any day!!!! Bad cheer I know but I’m sooooooo glad he kissed Emily! She better pick him, I don’t want any of that but I’ve loved him since forever nonsense with will. All he’s done is screw around with different girls while pushing her to the side. I mean come on! Micah liked her from the beginning, and he didn’t let his relationship get in the way. The Emily and will ship sank in the first episode!

  • Who was the military guys name in real life? He looks familiar!!

  • loving Emily Owens

    So true what you wrote. I feel so connected with the characters. I want to see what happens with the student who lost her arm and the war hero. I have replayed this episode and cried with all the characters. I hope Bob and Tammy get together 🙂
    Enough with stupid Will, Emily had to stand by and watch him date Cassandra … grrrr … she makes me so mad.
    Please don’t cancel this show 🙁