Chicago Fire Interview: Eamonn Walker and EP Derek Haas On What’s Next For Chicago Fire

The upcoming episode of Chicago Fire, “Warm and Dead,” finds Chief Boden still on the mission to help the young troubled arsonist Ernie (Cody Sullivan). TV Equals was excited to speak with star Eamonn Walker, who portrays Chief Boden on the show, and co-executive producer Derek Haas about the upcoming episode.

What to expect from “Warm and Dead”

Walker said that one of the main storylines in this episode will be learning more about Chief Boden through his desire to help steer Ernie on the right path.

“That’s basically what’s going to be happening with this episode. You…do follow Boden and this young boy and you’re probably asking yourself why is he investing so much time in this young person, and what Derek and Michael have written on this episode, you get to see why, what’s underneath it,” he said. “And that story goes deeper and deeper, it’s like the layers of an onion. But yes, the first time, really, you get to see what Boden, the man outside of the fire station, is. I’m really, really happy [about the episode].”

What’s next for Severide

“Warm and Dead” will also see Treat Williams guest star as Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) father. Haas discussed what fans of the show will be able to glean from Severide’s father’s appearance.

“You will see a lot of what’s next for Severide and another decision he’s going to face, and, obviously, you’re going to meet his father, whose photos just got released…and Treat Williams is playing the part,” said Haas. “His father is going to provide, let’s just say, a glimpse at what Severide’s future might be. It’s really Eamonn’s story and Taylor [Kinney]’s story in this episode.”

Treat Williams as Severide’s father

Haas said they were “[o]ver the moon” when they had booked Williams to play Severide’s dad. “We had seen a performance he had done…the previous year, in Law and Order: SVU,” he said. “[He] kind of looks like Taylor. Obviously, he was a matinee idol when I was a kid, and then to get him to play who is unquestionably a handsome man’s father was perfect casting. And then the fact that he’s got these dramatic chops, which is what the role requires…It’s been a dream.”

Filming in Chicago

Haas said that the city of Chicago has really been kind to them and the show. “The city has let us into so many places,” he said. “You’ll see at the beginning of this episode next week we actually shot at the top of the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, and any locations we’ve wanted, they’ve just rolled out the red carpet. It’s been great.”

Learning about the job

Walker said the learning curve for playing a fireman was tougher than he expected.

“We…knew it was going to be quite hard work, but we had no idea, really, what it was,” he said. “So, yeah…we’ve learned everything you’ve see us do. There is a certain amount of training, the training’s ongoing, for any given episode, if there’s a specific bit that needs to be known…”

How dangerous is Chicago Fire?

“Sometimes we literally are playing with fire. But the thing that you should take on board is that there’s a corridor of fire. On the other side of that corridor, firemen and safety people and special effects guys are all sitting in, waiting. [They’ve] done all the safety checks. So the matter of fact [is that] we’re not in any danger at all,” said Walker about the actual danger level of filming the show. “But sometimes, it’s arduous…running up and down those stairs, carrying the actors–those are real actors, not plastic or anything else like that. So yes, sometimes, it’s really, really hard work. Me, being the chief, fortunately, I don’t have to do as much running as everybody else…”

What’s next for Chief Boden?

Haas didn’t give away what’s next for Chief Boden, but he did tease, saying, “[You’ll] continue to see sides of Chief Boden.”

Chicago Fire‘s new this Wednesday, January 30, at 10/9c on NBC.