Vegas Season 1 Review “Road Trip”

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this week’s Vegas. Ralph kind of took a backseat to some of the supporting characters, and I’m kind of glad for that. It’s not that I don’t like Ralph. I do. But sometimes he has a tendency to overshadow everyone else. This week, he kind of played second fiddle to Catherine (who I am loving more and more) and Dixon (who should be required to be shirtless at least once in every episode).

A few thoughts about “Road Trip”:

Dixon caught his very own case this week. He was goofing off at one of the hotel pools when a girl started drowning. He saved her life and as it turns out, she was a member of a famous singing family. The doctor reported that the drowning actually saved the girl’s life because she had been poisoned. Ralph assigned the case to Dixon, and he set about “investigating” the case. Dixon’s investigation initially consisted of partying and sleeping with the poisoned girl. Thankfully, he pulled his act together after Jack fussed at him. Dixon found out through a man who was more than a little obsessed with the singer that she was being written out of the family act. Through a little more investigation, Dixon discovered that she knew she had been written out of the act and she was trying to poison her sister so she could take her place. Dixon arrested her for attempted murder. It was interesting to watch Dixon work. He obviously has a weakness for women, but he’s a pretty sharp tack. He seems to be able to read people fairly well and he seems to notice a lot of details. All makings of a good deputy. He still seems to kind of resent the fact that Ralph and Jack treat him like a kid, but I can’t say that I blame them. It’s difficult to navigate parental relationships as your children grow up. To you, they’re always gonna be that little kid running around with a sheet tied around their neck pretending to be Superman.

We got some more insight into Vince’s psyche and got to see a softer side of him too. This week, he was lamenting some of the choices he’s made. That was brought on by a number of things. First, Laura has apparently told his daughters’ school not to let Vince talk to the girls. Just as an aside, I get that she’s angry with Vince, but denying him the right to speak to his children is just wrong. He’s not saint, but he loves his girls. Anyway. Secondly, Vince and a couple of his boys were trapped out in the desert after their car broke down. He was afraid they were all going to die, and he seemed to be looking back over his life and wondering how he got to this point. Apparently, his old man wanted him to be an engineer. From the tidbits we’ve heard about Vince’s father, he was a carpet salesman who never really had a lot of money. He was a religious man, or at least a member of the Catholic church. And although lacking in formal education, he was a smart guy. One has to wonder how Vince became the kind of man he is with a father who, by all accounts, seems like he was a pretty decent guy. Vince certainly has the brains and work ethic to become an engineer, so what made him decide to toss that option aside? Quick money? Power? Both? Whatever his initial reasons were for getting hooked up with the mob, he seems to be questioning those choices. On a surface level at least. I don’t think he’s going to do any kind of deep, soul-searching that will lead him to change his ways. But in order to keep the character human, Vince needs to have moments of self-reflection.

Pale Creepy Assassin Guy also made a reappearance. Catherine is getting desperate to find information on Savino, and she’s worried that something has happened to Laura. So, against Ralph’s advice and wishes, she solicits the assistance of Pale Creepy Assassin Guy. He tricks her into getting him some braces so he can pick his handcuffs and break out, killing two deputies in the process. One thing I will say about that breakout scene, Catherine is most certainly not a shrinking violet. When she heard Pale Creepy Assassin Guy shooting the guards, she reached in her purse, pulled out her pistol and started shooting. I’m really loving Catherine. She’s smart. She’s strong and she puts the boys in their place when she has to. It’s refreshing to see a female character who is able to go toe-to-toe with the boys without losing any of her femininity.

So long Johnny Rizzo. And good riddance. Vince warned Jack that Johnny was coming after him, but Johnny was still able to blindside Jack. He lured Jack to some crackhead’s house by having her call the station and request his help. Johnny proceeded to torture Jack because he was under the impression that Jack had convinced Mia to rat them all out. After giving the crackhead a hot dose, Johnny proceeded to poke, prod, and beat Jack into confessing what Mia had told the DA. Lucky for Jack, the crackhead wasn’t completely dead, and she jumped up just before Johnny shot Jack and stabbed Johnny in the neck. Jack was able to get free, but he ultimately had to shoot Johnny anyway. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see Johnny go. He was arrogant, brutal, and overbearing. Not to mention that he had bricks for brains. There was really no other way for Johnny’s story to end. The only sad part about Johnny’s death is that it probably means that Jack is going to lose Mia. I think she likes him a lot and she may even have fallen in love with him by now, but I doubt she’d stay with Jack knowing that he killed her dad. Even if it was in self-defense and in the line of duty. Whatever else Johnny may have been, he was Mia’s family. And family is family. Even when they drive you completely crazy, they’re still family and nobody gets to mess with them. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for Jack and Mia.

This was a solid episode, and it changed some of the dynamics between the characters. Catherine is throwing out heavy hints to Ralph that she’s interested in pursing a relationship with him. Jack is going to have to figure out how to explain to his girlfriend that he killed her father. Dixon is becoming more confident as a deputy and he’s starting to verbalize his displeasure with being treated like a kid. And now that Johnny is dead, Vince is free to move forward with his plans for Las Vegas. And Vince now has Pale Creepy Assassin Guy roped into indentured servitude. These changing dynamics could lead to some pretty big fireworks as we head into the latter part of the season. So what did y’all think of this week’s Vegas?