The Biggest Loser “Waist & Money” Season 14 Review

As this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser kicked off, Danni felt the weight of being the lone, remaining member of Jillian’s white team. If there was ever a trainer equipped to help Danni get past her feelings of loneliness and push to stay on the ranch, it was Jillian. Rather than taking the tough love approach, Jillian checked in on Danni, ran with her and worked to make sure Danni felt supported.

The red, white and blue teams went green this week, as they learned about eating healthy on a budget. The contestants found an empty kitchen and a note from Alison instructing them to meet her at the supermarket. The contestants learned that they would receive $10 a day to spend on healthy meals. Not only were the contestants to challenged to make smart food choices on a budget, they also learned that they would be timed – 15 minutes to accomplish their goal.

The contestants successfully purchased their goods under budget and within the 15 minute time limit. I thought this was one of the more helpful challenges on The Biggest Loser, as many people struggle to eat healthy with limited money.

After several weeks of navigating tough challenges without undue influence from interpersonal politics, we finally saw a bit of Biggest Loser game play this week. Everyone, including their fellow teammates, noticed Gina and David whispering during dinner. Whispering teammates, reduced food and long days of working out lead to paranoia and agitation. Bob saw his team’s vulnerability as an opportunity to heighten their fear of going home and push them harder in their workouts.

The kids continued to thrive in their home environments, free from the game play and other antics typical of contestants on the ranch. Bingo worked on improving his baseball skills, Sunny worked towards getting a perfect prom dress and Lindsay moved closer to her dream of trying out for the cheerleading squad.

Challenge time!

This week’s challenge was an endurance competition in which the contestants had to place 5 10-lb coins in their fountain for each team member. The contestants could only drop in one coin at a time. It was great to see Danni emerge victorious and securing a 1-year membership to Planet Fitness along with a 2-lb advantage at this week’s weigh-in.

Speaking of the weigh-in, Danni secured her spot at the ranch with a whopping 9 pound loss. Although the blue team appeared to be falling apart, they lost 55 pounds and were also safe. After pushing themselves through a tough last chance workout, the red team was disappointed to lose 31 pounds and another team member. The team sent Lisa home, who reported a whopping 176 pounds lost! Great job!

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