Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Modern Wedding; Yo Zappa Do, Part 1”

Raising Hope returned tonight with a big two parter, and it contained the big event we’ve all been waiting for: Jimmy and Sabrina’s wedding! After looking forward to this for so long, I was surprised it was already upon us so quickly! I felt like the wedding would have been on a finale episode or the last episode before a hiatus, but definitely not the first part of a two-parter!

That’s right, tonight was a rare two-parter of Raising Hope, as we were treated to “Modern Wedding” and “Yo Zappa Do: Part 1”. I’ve never really enjoyed full hours of comedies that are usually half an hour, as I feel like shows like this one lend themselves much better to 30 minute increments. Tonight’s installments were both solid, but I definitely feel like you can have too much of a good thing.

So the first episode of the night, “Modern Wedding”, was a pretty spot-on sendup of Modern Family. Everything from the cinematography, interviews, and opening credit sequence were all very well done. It didn’t really add much to the actual story of the show, having the camera crew there, but it was a fun idea. I’m glad they had this whole Modern Family twist going on, because the actual wedding itself wasn’t quite as crazy as I thought it would be.

The one big revelation of the episode was that…wait for it…Lucy’s still alive! Ok, this is definitely getting a little old now. Bijou Phillips returned as Lucy, but she barely even had any lines. If your’e going to bring her back, make it worth it! I realize that Burt made fun of her being alive again at the end of the episode, but that doesn’t protect you from making a bad decision and bringing back a character for no good reason at all. They need to start coming up with new plot twists instead of recycling the same one.

The biggest bright spot tonight, surprisingly, came from Frank! I usually think Frank being a one-note creep gets pretty old pretty fast, but he was on fire tonight! His line about taking a program to see how much time is left was great, as it completely mirrors my feelings about weddings. Watching that girl dancing was also hilarious, and also: soda Jenga! Soda Jenga, everybody! Man, what an awesome idea. I’m totally going to try that with leftover Super Bowl sodas.

The second episode of the evening, “Yo Zappa Do: Part 1”, takes the Chances on a road trip to Los Angeles as well as bringing back a couple old characters!

The first thing we see from the second episode is what life is like with Jimmy and Sabrina finally out of the house! I’m surprised that Burt and Virginia didn’t make a bigger deal out of Jimmy finally moving out of the house, but we see Jimmy and Sabrina in their new house with Hope, and who would appear on the TV? Trevor!

That’s right, Trevor returned tonight! Camden Garcia returned as the douchey entitled teenager, but now he’s an actor on a hit children’s sitcom! Trevor isn’t the only character to return this evening, as Wilmer Valderrama makes a reappearance as well! He was also pretty funny tonight, and seeing him move in to the Chance’s made me feel like he might be sticking around for a while. Unfortunately, it looks like he might have a career as the sexy new weatherman in Los Angeles.

Ricardo isn’t the only one who might have a new career in showbiz, though. Hope is able to raspberry her way in front of the cameras on Yo Zappa Do, so we’ll see what happens with that next week!

I do enjoy Raising Hope a little more when I see them 30 minutes at a time, but both of tonight’s episodes were strong enough to entertain me for the full 60. I’m excited to see what happens next week with the Chance’s in Los Angeles! See you all next week!

Random Thoughts:

– I love that Virginia made another joke about her mispronunciation of words.

– I almost didn’t recognize Dancing Dan! I didn’t even know who he was until he started…well…dancing.

– They definitely forgot that they had the Modern Family-style camerawork a few minutes in to that episode. There was a few times where the characters should have seen cameramen there, but you didn’t. Oh well, it was still pretty funny.